High noon is fast approaching, but is it worth your Stellar Jade?

It was only a matter of time before Honkai: Star Rail got a real Galaxy Ranger, and Boothill has the looks and abilities to match his Western-inspired title. The upcoming five-star will play a role in Penacony’s ongoing story, likely confronting Acheron about her false identity. Hoyoverse has only officially revealed the character’s visuals, but clever insiders have figured out a whole lot more.

Here’s what we know about the abilities and release date of Boothill, a rooting tooting five-star coming soon to Honkai: Star Rail.

Boothill abilities explained in Honkai: Star Rail

Reputed insider Dimbreath has leaked important Information about Boothill’s abilities. While we still don’t know numbers, we know the rough effects of both his Skill and Ultimate.

  • Skill: Boothill marks an enemy with the Duel status, gaining an ATK buff. If the enemy attacks first, it steals the ATK buff. Whenever Boothill defeats an enemy affected by Duel, he gains a Bullet. He also gets a Bullet whenever he inflicts Break on the Duel target. After accumulating five Bullets, he gets an extra turn and an enhanced basic attack that targets all enemies.
  • Ultimate: Slow the target enemy while also applying Break. 

Boothill’s kit is quite simple, with most of the complexity frontloaded onto his skill. However, he could be an incredibly potent threat against enemy teams that rely on a specific support unit to buff them. Boothill could mark them with Duel and then rely on them using support abilities to keep the ATK buff on himself. After applying enough Break or picking off enough targets, he can soften up the rest of the enemy lineup for his team to handle.

This creates a simple combat loop of Duel, attack, apply Break, pop Ultimate, kill Duel target, and start another duel. It evokes his flavor as a Galaxy Ranger, a cowboy of the stars. His Eidolons and passive abilities will likely complicate things, so we’ll keep an eye out for more leaked Boothill abilities as his release date looms closer.

Boothill release date in HSR 2.2

Based on leaked info and official visual reveals, the release date for Boothill in Honkai: Star Raill will likely be May 7, 2024.

This is primarily based on reveal timing, with Hoyoverse first showcasing Boothill on Mar. 12. This is way too late for him to appear as a playable character in 2.1, though he will likely appear as an NPC in a story quest. Considering the current arc revolves around Acheron, he will likely interfere as an actual Galaxy Ranger.

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Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 first dropped on Mar. 27, which is seven weeks after the release of 2.0. However, the game normally releases updates on a six-week timeline. That marks the release date of 2.2 as May 7, and Boothill is the first confirmed five-star release of that patch. A Warp on that date would make Boothill the opening character of 2.2, though he could come out as the second banner instead. Expect an official reveal from Hoyoverse once the next patch is closer to release.

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