There’s also mention of General Huaiyan. Back to Xianzhou we go!

Honkai Star Rail revealed a new character, Yunli, through regular drip marketing. Check out details about Yunli here.

Yunli drip marketing

In Honkai Star Rail, Yunli is a 5-star Physical character on the Path of Destruction.

The reveal mentioned one other character: General Huaiyan of the Xianzhou Zhuming. General Huaiyan has been mentioned since version 1.0 as one of the seven Arbiter-Generals of the Cloud Knights. This means that he belongs to the same faction as Jing Yuan. He is also the Master of the Zhuming Artisanship Commission aboard the Xianzhou Zhuming.

This implies that we might see more areas of the Xianzhou fleet, and explore more of the Hexafleet outside of the Luofu. Yunli is a sword hunter who vows to "hunt down and wipe out all cursed swords." A meeting between her and Blade would be interesting and might be a potential plot point in future updates.

Gameplay-wise, Yunli is a 5-star Physical Destruction character, similar to Clara. As of the time of writing, no details of her kit have been revealed yet. However, she is part of the influx of Destruction characters that Honkai Star Rail will undergo, beginning with Firefly. This may denote that some end-game content will shift into a Destruction meta.

Yunli voice actors

Yunli's English voice actor is Brenna Larsen. She is known for voicing Navia in Genshin Impact, among other roles. Larsen also joins her husband Andrew Russell, who voices Boothill, in the Honkai Star Rail cast.

Meanwhile, Shion Wakayama does her voice for the Japanese voiceover. Her notable roles include Takina Inoue from Lycoris Recoil and Ellen Joe from the upcoming HoYoverse title Zenless Zone Zero.

When will Yunli be playable in Honkai Star Rail?

Yunli will be playable in Honkai Star Rail on July 31, 2024 with version 2.4. This should be release date provided there are no disruptions to the usual cadence of the updates.