Free Fire will sponsor all of Brazil’s football teams including the men’s National team. The partnership is for two years, and will cover Brazil’s appearance at the World Cup in 2022.

Free Fire is the new sponsor of the Brazilian National football team. The Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) and Garena have entered into a two-year partnership that will see Free Fire sponsor all of the country’s football teams.

As part of this new sponsorship, Free Fire will feature on advertisements at the team’s training camps. It will also be visible as the background at interviews and on printed tickets. In addition to physical activations, players can expect to see Brazilian football teams’ skins in-game.

We know that many of our players are big football fans and this partnership allows them to celebrate their passion for the Brazilian national team through Free Fire. [...] Football is an important part of Brazilian culture and a national passion for many. We hope that Free Fire will continue to inspire our players, just as football has done for millions in Brazil and around the world.

Fernando Mazza, Head of Operations of Garena Brasil. 

Free Fire and Football - A mutually beneficial partnership

There are a series of activations planned around this partnership, says Ratto. The partnership allows the Brazilian Football Confederation to reach out to a younger audience that is extremely active in mobile games. Free Fire is the most downloaded game in the world and has more than 80 million daily active users. 

This partnership [...] will bring us even closer to an audience extremely relevant to our market, that is the gamer. With this sponsorship, we are planning a series of activation actions focused on the younger audience.

Marketing Director of CBF, Gilberto Ratto.

The game has fostered a booming mobile esports scene in the South American country. There are regular tournaments and a large active local community. With this partnership, the mobile game will be visible to even larger audiences on a global scale. The partnership extends for two years, although there is no official confirmation if the sponsorship covers the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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