A skin fit for champions.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has revealed the M4 Champion ECHO Chou skin. It celebrates ECHO players as the winners of the M4 World Championship. Moonton posted about this skin on Instagram.

MLBB M4 Champion ECHO Chou skin (Image via Moonton)
MLBB M4 Champion ECHO Chou skin (Image via Moonton)

When does the M4 Champion ECHO Chou skin release?

The M4 Champion ECHO Chou skin will have a pre-sale starting on Aug. 14. It will then be released for everyone on Aug. 21. If you want the skin, then you will need to spend Diamonds. The skin will be available for a discounted rate during the pre-sale from Aug. 14 to Aug. 20 as well.

While the exact amount for the skin hasn’t been revealed yet, it will likely be similar to previous years. The discounted rate will likely be 499 Diamonds. After August 20, the skin will likely be at the regular price of 899 Diamonds.

The M4 Champion skin has a purple and blue theme, which represents the colors of the reigning esports organization. It features the ECHO logo and the organization's name is mentioned on the character’s right arm.

ECHO’s Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera said that the skin looks “great and extraordinary” while Karl “Karltzy” Gabriel said it “screams sheeshable in every way.”

M4 World Championship (Image via Moonton)
M4 World Championship (Image via Moonton)

ECHO were the surprise of the 2022 season

The World Championships are the official year-end esports tournament for MLBB where the best of the best compete for the winning title. Moonton's tradition is for the winning team to select a hero and collaborate with the developer to design an in-game skin. Including ECHO's skin, the following heroes have received skins:

  • Harith “EVOS Legends” (M1 World Championship)
  • Lancelot “Bren Esports” (M2 World Championship)
  • Estes “Blacklist International” (M3 World Championship)

At the beginning of the 2022 season, no one expected ECHO to earn the M4 Champion skin. The team had been a decent performer nationally, but never impressed internationally before this. With a revamped roster for the year, however, consisting of some academy pros and scouted talent, ECHO showed they meant business from the first match itself. They went into the M4 World Championship as the second seed from the Philippines before cruising through the competition.

After a comfortable run in the upper bracket during the playoffs, ECHO faced the defending world champion and home rivals Blacklist International in the finals. The memories of a defeat to Blacklist only three months prior were still fresh, but this time around, it was ECHO that emerged as the superior team. The players secured a 4-0 victory in the grand finals.

In the post-match press conference, ECHO immediately confirmed that they wanted Chou to represent their CM4 Champion skin.

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