Lot of skins to grind for this season. There’s also a few weapon and vehicle balances that will affect the game.

PUBG New State Mobile’s first update of 2023 is here with a new Battle Royale Season. With the Battle Royale Season 7 Open, new rewards have arrived in the game with players’ ranks being reset. Additionally, Krafton has made some changes to the tier points in New State Mobile.

New State Mobile Battle Royale Season 7 Open: Here are all the rewards this season

With a new Battle Royale season, tier ranks have been reset. Players will be assigned a new tier based on the final tier they achieved in Season 6.

Additionally, when you enter the lobby, you will be shown a summary of your previous season and also receive the rewards you earned.

The rewards in the Battle Royale Season 7 include skins for the following:

  • M110A1 assault rifle
  • M416 assault rifle
  • Micro UZI SMG
  • Parachute

The Battle Royale Season in New State Mobile will last for about two update cycles. This means that it will be live until mid-March. The rewards will be credited to your account at the end of the season based on the rank you achieve.

Some changes have been made to how the tier points are given to players, particularly benefitting aggressive players. The tier points from kills have been increased while the point reduction from early disqualifications has been decreased.

January update makes big changes to weapon and vehicle balancing

Besides the new season, the main highlight of the January update in New State Mobile is the weapon and vehicle balancing. Krafton focused more on balancing the game instead of new content in this update.

The weapons balancing has completely been overhauled in New State Mobile as well.

Firstly, the recoil across the board has been adjusted. Additionally, the long range of the SMG, AR, and LMG have been decreased.

The main goal behind these changes is to offer a clear difference between each weapon class. Before, there was no absolute dichotomy between the weapons for players to favor in different situations. Now, however, players will have to select their weapons based on their playstyle and the terrain.

Lastly, big changes to vehicles have been made to New State Mobile in this update. For vehicles like the UAZ, Vrion, Variant, and Electron, the durability has been increased at the expense of a little driving speed.

The Dacia and Volta, on the other hand, have seen their speed increase.

These changes will also offer players a more dynamic driving experience in the game. It will make players think about what vehicle is most appropriate for the battlefield as well.

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