PUBG Mobile is one of the largest titles at the Esports World Cup.

PUBG Mobile is one of the various esports included in the colossal Esports World Cup. It is also named the PUBG Mobile World Cup, hosting a wide range of the best global teams and one of the largest prize pools in the game's history. For more information, read below!

Date and schedule

PUBG Mobile World Cup will take place in July 2024. The exact dates have yet to be announced though we can expect more info to drop very soon.

PUBG Mobile World Cup prize pool

(Image via KRAFTON)
(Image via KRAFTON)

The prize pool for PUBG Mobile World Cup is $3 million. An additional $800,000 will be distributed to the qualifier rounds making the overall prize pool $3.8 million.

With this number, PUBG Mobile becomes one of the largest titles at the Esports World Cup in terms of prize money. The game stands only behind Dota 2 which holds an overall prize pool of $10 million. This highlights PUBG Mobile as it stands above other esports juggernauts like League of Legends and Apex Legends.

PUBG Mobile World Cup tournament format

The tournament will see three stages. The Group Stage begins first with 24 teams in the pool. During this stage, the top 12 teams advance directly to the third stage, meanwhile the bottom 12 have to go through the next round.

Next is the Survival Stage, pitting together 16 teams - 12 from the bottom of the Group Stage and 6 from each of the PMSL (PUBG Mobile Super League) regions. From the Survival Stage, only the top 4 will advance to the final phase. The bottom 12 will face elimination.

And finally, the Main Stage, featuring the top 12 teams from Group Stage and the 4 teams that made it through the Survival Stage. The winner gets a chicken dinner and a lion's share of the $3 million prize pool.

How do teams qualify

(Image via KRAFTON)
(Image via KRAFTON)
  • PMSL Southeast Asia x4
  • Challengers League
  • PMSL Americas x3
  • PMSL CSA x4
  • PMSL EMEA x4
  • PMGO Champion's Region
  • Japan League
  • Pro Series Korea
  • Rivals Cup
  • PEL Spring
  • PEL Points
  • Special Invite
  • Special Invite

Survival Stage invites:

  • PMSL Americas

Esports World Cup will have more than a dozen games on board including prominent games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite. We'll also see a range of mobile games in the lineup including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Honor of Kings. The organizers will reveal more information in the nearest future. Until then, stick around for more updates!