Rainbow Six Mobile is one of the most anticipated games for Android and iOS. Here’s what we know about its release date.

Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Mobile last year after much speculation about a mobile version of the hit video game franchise. After a round of tests in several regions around the world, players have been wondering when the anticipated mobile shooter will arrive on Android and iOS devices.

Rainbow Six Mobile is an upcoming free-to-play competitive shooter. It allows players to compete in the classic Attack vs. Defense mode on mobile. Basically a handheld remake of Rainbow Six Siege, the game features operators and maps from the game on mobile.

When will Rainbow Six Siege mobile release?

Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t announced the release date for Rainbow Six Mobile on Android and iOS. Based on the results of the beta test, though, it doesn’t seem that the game is far away.

Ubisoft ran the first alpha test for Rainbow Six Mobile in April. According to a press release, the company said that this test “successfully accessed its gameplay.”

Later in September, a closed beta was released for the game for players in different regions around the world. While the beta initially had a lot of problems with server problems and bugs – Ubisoft was quick to fix these.

The company said in a release that more than 250,000 people participated in the test. The primary objective of this beta was to test the game’s progression systems. Ubisoft has added that the response was positive.

Now, the company will be looking to soft launch Rainbow Six Mobile on Android and iOS. A schedule for the same hasn’t been revealed yet, though. Based on the success of the tests, however, it's likely that the release date shouldn’t be too far.

Ubisoft is doing everything right with the game

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Closed beta started with three iconic maps: Bank, Border, and Clubhouse.
Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Closed beta started with three iconic maps: Bank, Border, and Clubhouse.

Over the past few years, most of the big developers have jumped on to explore mobile games – given the scope that the industry possesses. Ubisoft is no exception.

On release, Rainbow Six Mobile will be competing with games like Call of Duty: Mobile and even battle royale titles like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Upcoming shooter titles like VALORANT Mobile and Just Cause Mobile will also offer competition to the game.

Nonetheless, Ubisoft has been doing everything right to ensure that the game becomes a success. One of the main things to ensure when releasing a game is the absence of bugs and a smooth playing experience. The long tests and no hurry with announcing a release date show that the developer is committed to ensuring a great experience for players.

Engaging with the community and content creators are two other important aspects to grow a game. Ubisoft has been doing both. Firstly, the Discord channel for the game has been publishing regular Q and As to address concerns around the game and also incorporate community feedback into the development process.

Content creators are as important for growing a game and sustaining a player base. Thus, Ubisoft organized an on-ground event with top mobile gaming creators in August 2022.

Only time will tell, though, how big Rainbow Six becomes on mobile. You can stay tuned to any updates on the official website for the game. Pre-registrations are currently open on the Google Play Store as well.