Support the OWCS and get this beautiful Azure Flame Hanzo skin in the process!

The Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) has its first major LAN coming up at the end of May, with all of the competing teams already locked in place. To help support the prize pool and raise the stakes that much more, Overwatch 2 is offering a new Azure Flame Hanzo bundle. Here's how to unlock it, its cost, and everything that's included.

Azure Flame Hanzo bundle: Price, how to unlock, and what's included

The previously teased Azure Flame Hanzo Crowdfunding Bundle can be now purchased directly from the browser page or the client itself for 2,600 coins.

The Azure Flame Hanzo bundle includes the following items:

  • Azure Flame Legendary Skin
  • Dragon Guardian Epic Weapon Charm
  • Azure Moon Rare Name Card
  • Azure Flame Rare Player Icon
  • Azure Guardian Common Spray
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Proceeds from this Azure Flame Hanzo bundle will go to support the OWCS Major prize pool, which is set to take place at Dreamhack Dallas from May 31 to June 2. The blue theme of the bundle is a nice callback, intentional or not, to the blue of the Dallas Fuel, the former Overwatch League franchise that was based in Dallas, prior to the dissolving of the league.

This also marks one of the first times there has been a crowdfunded skin to support the prize pool of its esport for Overwatch 2. In VALORANT, we see these prominently through its extensive VCT capsule system that fans love, so it is also nice to see this coming to this game.

The exact percentage of the proceeds from the Azure Flame Hanzo bundle that will go towards the OWCS prize pool has not been revealed, but we are hopeful that the total number generated from the sales of this bundle will be unveiled at the Dreamhack Dallas event.

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