Here’s what to expect in the next season of Overwatch 2!

Today's Overwatch 2 director's take gave us more insight into Season 10 of Overwatch 2 and teased some upcoming changes. The blog has two main focuses, the first being the new hero Venture, and the second is about the upcoming hero changes. So without further ado, let's dive into Venture's Overwatch 2 debut and Overwatch 2 Season 10 leaks.

Venture in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Venture in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Venture's Overwatch 2 debut

The first part of the director's take is all about Venture, which makes sense given the new hero's popularity during their gameplay preview week. Unfortunately, the Overwatch 2 team isn't revealing any information about Venture’s story and how they were developed until after Season 10 launches. However, the team is more than happy with Venture's performance and her balance.

In the Overwatch 2 team's words, "The team was really happy with where Venture landed from a balance perspective during the trial, and it gave us confidence that they could release early into competitive." This is all good news for the countless players who have all found their new rock-munching main in Venture.

However, Venture isn't fully balanced yet. According to the director's take for Venture, there are two minor changes for Venture in Overwatch 2 Season 10. But overall, they are in a suitable state for Overwatch 2. The first is the shift from burst damage to damage over time for Venture's Drill Dash and Clobber abilities. The second is the vertical knockback from Tectonic Shock being reduced.

Overwatch 2 Season 10's leaked hero changes

Other than Venture's debut, the director's take also covers some upcoming hero changes that are arriving in the new season.

Junker Queen screenshot (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Junker Queen screenshot (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Tanks get some love

In terms of tank heroes, the blog mentions three lucky winners. Junker Queen, Reinhardt, and Wrecking ball are all seemingly going to get buffed. Both Junker Queen's Carnage and Reinhardt's Earthshatter are going to be more "impactful," which could be either more damage, more AoE, or even a rework. As for Wrecking Ball, the hamster is getting significant improvements to the Grappling Hook, which includes a reduced cooldown and the ability to retract it.

Additionally, there are also some changes to Wrecking Ball's Adaptive Shields. The ability can be reactivated to transfer up to 300 overhealth to nearby allies, capped at 75 overhealth per ally. This change is meant to give Wrecking Ball more capability of protecting his allies, which isn't really in Wrecking Ball's repertoire at the moment.

Sombra in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Sombra in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Changes to damage and support heroes

The changes to the DPS heroes are small. Sombra and Tracer are getting slight adjustments in Season 10. Sombra's Virus damage is going to be slightly reduced from 100 to 90. Meanwhile, Tracer is becoming more punishable and may require more precision. Although we don't know specifically what that entails, it'll be interesting to see how this affects her viability.

Moira screenshot (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Moira screenshot (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

In terms of supports, Moira, Lucio, and Illari are getting changed. The three of them are getting a "power shift," meaning shifting some strengths of their kits around. For example, Moira's primary fire is taking a slight hit for the secondary fire to improve.

Both the development team and the community are beyond excited for Season 10. Especially since there's another developer update coming out tomorrow, which will touch on competitive updates for Season 10.

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