The Overwatch Season 7 battle pass is here and with it comes some banger skins, like Wrecking Ball Azmodan. And, um, some additional features.

One of the true joys for Overwatch stans is the start of a new season. A new battle pass brings new opportunities, surprises, and genuine delight to see what the devs cooked up for us this time around. And given that Halloween is usually the time of year when this team shines brightest, Overwatch Season 7 has big expectations. However, I could never expect the Diablo crossover element of the season to bring such violent delights. Case in point: The Wrecking Ball Azmodan skin.

Modelled after the famed Diablo villain and Heroes of the Storm roster member Azmodan, this demonic skin is fantastic. However, it wasn't until the deluge of reveals from content creators today that we see its full extent of.... features.

Blizzard gave Wrecking Ball nipple piercings and I have questions.

Anatomy 101 - Critter edition

Anything stand out to you on this skin model? Honestly, the thing that hits me like a pair of headlights is the attention to detail on the Wrecking Ball mech itself. Fleshy armor and a demonic, gaped mouth at the core will leave opponents feeling like someone dropped the temperature in the room by a few degrees. It's great!

However, it's not until our furry friend Hammond pops out of the mech like an evil, roast chicken that we see the lengths to which Blizzard has gone for accuracy. You see: One of the most prominent things about Azmodan's model are the massive bronze, hooped nipple piercings. A common icon and style symbol found in the Roman era of the Middle East and countries such as Persia, Azmodan's design takes inspiration from the supposed opulence of the time.

One problem, however: Hamster anatomy is a telltale sign of gender. Only the females have nipples, for the purposes of nursing.

So, I guess we all learned something today. Now, let's learn how you get the Wrecking Ball Azmodan skin.

How do I get the Wrecking Ball Azmodan skin?

The Azmodan Wrecking Ball skin is available at level 20 of the Overwatch Season 7 battle pass. It is only available to those with the premium version of the pass, which can be purchased with coins or real currency.

For a brief look at what's available in the battle pass, take a scroll through the gallery below. A special thanks to @masteriangamer on social media for posting the images.

image 1
image 2
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image 10

I suppose we give credit to Blizzard for staying true and accurate to Azmodan's design. That's.... nice. But, this does beg the question: Is this a design goof, a choice to go with style over substance, or is this a hint that we've had Hammond's gender wrong this whole time?

Food for thought. Anyways, happy Halloween!

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