What is Niantic cooking?

A cryptic Pokémon GO trailer has promised that "Big updates to Pokémon GO are coming soon" followed by telling Trainers to get ready to rediscover the game.

With no hints to be really gathered from the trailer itself, Trainers are left speculating as to what it could be.

Could mysterious Pokémon GO update release Biomes?

One of the most popular Trainer theories is that this trailer is teasing the long awaited release of Biomes. Biomes have been in the game for several years, but until recently there has not been an official way to say what biome the game thinks you are in.

However, new biome backgrounds and map updates have been trialled in some regions. This shows you what Biome you are in. This big update for Pokémon GO could roll out this feature world wide. Trainers have long asked for a way to see what Biome they are in, so this would be a welcome update.

However, with this feature already rolled out to some, is it exciting enough to warrant such a cryptic trailer?

There has also been come complaints about the implementation of the feature. Trainers on older devices have seen a negative impact on their games performance with the new Biomes feature. Although, with the feature being rolled out to some regions early, Niantic have the chance to improve this before the official release.

Photo: Niantic
Photo: Niantic

What else could the update be?

If this idea is too underwhelming to justify such a mysterious trailer, what else could this Pokémon GO update be?

Some have speculated a raise to the Level Cap for some time. Currently, Level 50 is the highest a Trainer can achieve. However, there have been a suspiciously large amount of high XP events. We even had a four times XP event for three weeks over last summer.

Some speculate that this is paving the way for a higher level cap, expected to be 60, to be introduced to the game in the near future.

Another popular theory is updates to AR. Trainers feel that the video seems to be pointed towards that feature. Pokémon GO recently took some heat for an AR update that removed the popular quick catching method.

This could be a further AR update. The feature is a core aspect of Pokémon GO, but has fallen by the wayside over the years. Could this mystery Pokémon GO update make a big change to AR in game?

Only time will tell what Niantic have in store...

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