Grab some of the Pokémon GO featured at GO Fest Madrid.

The Pokémon GO Spelunkers Cove event will focus on several of the Pokémon that are appearing at GO Fest Madrid. This will include Crabrawler, which will be avaliable in the Shiny form for the first time at Madrid, and then released during this event.

The Spelunkers Cove event takes place from Saturday June 15 until Tuesday June 18. For those of you attending GO Fest in Madrid, that gives you Monday and Tuesday to make the most of this event.

Event bonuses

This event only has one event bonus.

  • 2x Candy for catching Pokémon.

What Pokémon are spawning during the Spelunkers Cove event?

Trainers will encounter the following Pokémon more frequently during the Spelunkers Cove event:

  • Geodude*
  • Rhyhorn*
  • Chinchou*
  • Marill*
  • Shuckle*
  • Remoraid*
  • Nosepass*
  • Feebas*
  • Carbink
  • Crabrawler*

*Shiny form avaliable


The following Pokémon will appear in raids

One-Star Raids

  • Crabrawler*
  • Wimpod*
  • Jangmo-o

Three-Star Raids

  • Onix*
  • Kabutops
  • Crawdaunt

*Shiny form available

Field Research Tasks

During the Spelunkers Cove event, Trainers will be able to encounter a range of Pokémon through Field Research tasks.

The following Pokémon will be avaliable:

  • Geodude*
  • Nosepass*
  • Binacle*
  • Carbink
  • Crabrawler*
  • Jangmo-o

* Shiny form available

Shiny Crabrawler and Shiny Crabominable

Shiny Crabrawler
Shiny Crabominable

Spelunkers Cove event tips and tricks

This event isn't one of the most exciting in Pokémon GO history, especially when there was only one bonus active.

However, that does not mean there is nothing to do during this event. There are lots of Shiny Pokémon available for you to try and collect including the debut of Crabrawler. Additionally, there are some meta relevant Pokémon spawning. The 2x Candy bonus makes this a good time to stock up on what you need to power those Pokémon up.

Pokémon like Carbink, Chinchou and Ryhorn are all especially worth your time. Onix also has a Mega Evolution, once it becomes Steelix.

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