Here’s a quick guide to get you started and some tips on reaching the top.

PokéRogue is the new Pokémon roguelike that has been sweeping the Pokémon community. The fan game has gained tons of traction with YouTubers and streamers alike trying to climb the 200 floors. But that is no easy task. So, if you wanted to give PokéRogue a try, here's a quick guide to get you started and some tips to reach the top.

What is PokéRogue?

In the simplest of terms, PokéRogue is a Pokémon roguelike. In other words, it's an infinitely replayable Pokémon game. However, don't expect a full map and exploration through a new region. PokéRogue is all about climbing floors to reach the top. Players will complete their run at floor 200, with boss battles every 10th floor and trainer battles in between.

Starting the climb in PokéRogue

After you sign up and create your account, you'll be able to start your first PokéRogue run. At first, you won't have options outside of the starter Pokémon from each generation. However, the starters are by no means bad options — especially Fuecoco.

Screenshot of the game (Image via PokéRogue)
Screenshot of the game (Image via PokéRogue)

Each and every Pokémon in PokéRogue has an associated value with it. For example, the starters have a cost of three, the early Bug Pokémon like Weedle have a cost of one, and legendaries have a cost of around eight. Your starting team's cost can't exceed 10, which is why starting your runs with three starter Pokémon works so well. So, before each run, you'll need to build a team to take on the 200 floor gauntlet. Type coverage and scaling are your best friends when it comes to selecting your starting team.

Mudkip (Image via PokéRogue)
Weedle (Image via PokéRogue)
Reshiram (Image via PokéRogue)

As you work your way through each battle, catch as many Pokémon as you can. Each new Pokémon you catch becomes an option for a starter in the following run. As you reach every 10th level, you'll come across a boss fight. This will be either with a boss Pokémon, which just has health bars, or a gym leader or rival.

Tips as you climb

Reaching the top is no easy feat. But fret not, here are some tips and tricks to help you clear the 200th floor of PokéRogue.

The Egg Gatcha

The Egg Gatcha is arguably the most important aspect of PokéRogue. After completing certain fights, you'll be able to receive Egg Vouchers. This valuable ticket allows you to play PokéRogue Egg Gatcha. This minigame allows you to spend Egg Vouchers to acquire new Pokémon for your runs. There are four different types of vouchers which all grant different amounts of pulls.

Egg Vouchers (Image via PokéRogue)
Egg Vouchers (Image via PokéRogue)

There are three different types of Egg Gatcha Machines in PokéRogue. There's the Silver machine that has a higher chance of rare egg moves being learnt. Then there's the Red machine which has higher rates for a specific legendary Pokémon (advertised on the machine). Last is the Shiny Egg machine, which has higher rates for shiny Pokémon.

Green machine  (Image via PokéRogue)
Red machine  (Image via PokéRogue)
Yellow machine (Image via PokéRogue)

Shiny and Pokérus in PokéRogue

Shiny Pokémon aren't just for aesthetics in PokéRogue. Shiny Pokémon increase the odds of finding better items throughout your runs. So be sure to include a shiny Pokémon on your starting roster once you unlock one. Better items are stronger items, which can only let you progress further.

A shiny Pidgey in the PokéRogue starter selection (Image via PokéRogue)
A shiny Pidgey in the PokéRogue starter selection (Image via PokéRogue)

Pokérus has a similar function. But rather than affecting items, Pokérus increases the EXP gained by the Pokémon by 1.5x. Pokémon with Pokérus are highlighted in purple and they change every day. With how important EXP is in PokéRogue, Pokerus is a valuable asset. 


Under leveling is a common issue in PokéRogue. So be sure to take rare candies, EXP charms, or any items that increase EXP gain during your run. Also be aware that Pokémon have different growth rates that are shown on the starter selection. A legendary is going to take a lot longer to level up than an early route Pokémon.

Planning for fights *SPOILER ALERT*

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