Team Liquid were in for a surprise on a few maps – a few mistakes and Team BDS managed to pull off a victory in just five maps. Here’s how it all went down.

Team BDS have been crowned as the Six Jönköping Major 2022 champions in a Grand Final series that, for a change, did not go beyond five maps. The last four Majors had all gone over five maps to crown the winner, but the French team just needed five to secure their win this time around.

A disastrous start for Team Liquid but they bounce back

Team Liquid picked Theme Park, possibly confident on their ability to play this map against BDS. BDS has not had a lot of pro games experience on this map, however, this choice proved to be the Brazilians’ undoing. They won the first round and nothing thereafter. A 7-1 victory for BDS on Team Liquid’s map of choice was the best start that BDS fans could have hoped for.

Team Liquid bounced back in the next two maps - Bank and Oregon - winning both maps with a 7-4 scoreline. The Brazilians looked extremely comfortable on these two maps, quite unlike Theme Park where there was a lot of confusion.

Shaiiko was particularly impressive on Oregon taking calculated risks to upset Team BDS’ performance. On Oregon, Shaiiko’s performance helped Liquid bounce back from a 0-4 start to secure seven straight rounds and take the lead in the series.

Kafe and Skyscraper

Kafe was a crucial map for both teams. Team Liquid needed the Kafe win to secure their victory. And they came close, however, a crucial 1v1 Renshiro clutch handed Team BDS the victory.

Skyscraper might have been  a decent map for Team Liquid before yesterday. But the 0-7 loss on this map to w7m was surely playing on their minds as we saw a rather defensive play and lack of initiatives by the Brazilian players.

Team BDS, already riding the Kafe momentum took Skyscraper to seven rounds and secured the tournament win.

Team BDS are your Six Jönköping Major champions

With this victory, Team BDS take home $200,000. Meanwhile, Team Liquid will win a prize money of $80,000.

Here are the final standings post-tournament

Prize Pool
1Team BDS$200,000
2Team Liquid$80,000
3-4w7m esports$40,000
5-8Wolves Esports$20,000
5-8Black Dragon e-sports$20,000
5-8FaZe Clan$20,000
9-12CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming$10,000
9-12Spacestation Gaming$10,000
9-12Dire Wolves$10,000
13-16MNM Gaming$5,000
13-16Sandbox Gaming$5,000