The racing jacket is for sale this time!

Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing has announced the extension of its award-winning Rocket League program through the 2025 RLCS season. The global esports organization and motor oil brand are eager to continue the success they've experienced over the past year.

With two trophy-winning rosters and a fan-favorite line of apparel, GGM1 Racing is looking to the future.

Current roster and future plans

Photo of the full current GGM1 Racing roster (Image via Gen.G Esports)
Photo of the full current GGM1 Racing roster (Image via Gen.G Esports)

Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing currently fields two highly competitive teams, complemented by three popular content creators. Despite Gen.G's South Korean roots, both of their Rocket League teams and all signed creators are based in North America.

The major-winning and current #2 in NA, Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing, is a star-studded roster consisting of Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton, Nick “Chronic” Iwanski, Jason “Firstkiller” Corral, and head coach Robert “Chrome” Gomez. Former coach Braxton “Allushin” Lagarec now fills the role of General Manager within the organization.

Reigning women's world champions, Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing Black, include Isabella “Bella” Williams and Kate “kate” Driscoll. The team is currently without a third after the departure of Courtney "Courtney" Johnson earlier this year.

Vanessa "widow" Austin and Nathan "Stanz" Stanz will continue as the program's main content creators. Additionally, Demar "Dazerin" Williams will also co-host Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing watch parties when not representing the organization as an RLCS caster.

These three will support both teams throughout the coming year via co-streams, watch parties, interviews, attending live racing and esports events, and more. The first such event on the calendar is the RLCS London Major, which GGM1 Racing will compete in starting on June 20.

The 2024 Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing jacket

ApparentlyJack rocking the 2024 GGM1 jacket (Image via Gen.G Esports)
ApparentlyJack rocking the 2024 GGM1 jacket (Image via Gen.G Esports)

A successor to the highly coveted yet nearly unobtainable 2023 GGM1 Racing Jacket is here. And not only is it incredibly stylish, but it's also available for purchase.

The new 2024 Gen.G Mobil 1 Racing Jacket can be obtained for $120 USD at In addition to its unprecedented availability online, fans will also be able to win the limited-edition jacket through giveaways, social media, and on-site offerings throughout the season.

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