Coots fired and Ludwig’s new game show Unpaid Intern searches for Mogul Corp hires cover image

Coots fired and Ludwig’s new game show Unpaid Intern searches for Mogul Corp hires

Mogul Corp is searching for a new hire. Come find out what happened on the first episode of Ludwig’s new game show.

Ludwig, the YouTube mogul, has come out with a new game show called Unpaid Intern. The show has various content creators fighting for an employment position at Mogul Corp. Each episode features a new set of four content creators completing various challenges to earn points. At the end of the episode, points are tallied, and the top-scoring participant gets a position at Mogul Corp.

Ludwig's new Unpaid Intern game show

Unpaid Intern is a new game show fresh out of the mind of Mogul's finest. Unfortunately, Ludwig's cat Coots got let go from Mogul Corp after quite the heated argument. Which means the mogul himself alongside Stanz needs to find a brand-new intern. Four creators applied swiftly for the position and competed in a variety of challenges and tasks to earn the position. And so, Jschlatt, Kyedae, LilyPichu, and Daniel Thrasher signed up for this challenging job interview and were featured in the first episode.

The first episode of Unpaid Intern has already premiered on Ludwig's channel. The hour-and-a-half-long episode served as a great introduction to the series. After each of the four applicants introduced themselves, they dove right into the first of many tasks. First up was babysitting children, which had some of the funniest clips of the episode. Next up, the group had to repeat a message backwards so the big boss Ludwig could tell what they were saying. The third challenge had the group break off into teams and get tested on American geography. And last, but not least, was blowing gum bubbles.

Unpaid Intern game show (Image via Ludwig)
Unpaid Intern game show (Image via Ludwig)

Each of the various challenges from this episode of Unpaid Intern had great moments throughout. These included LilyPichu playing duck, duck, goose with the children, Jschlatt and his 12,000 lumens flashlight abusing Stanz, Canadian Kyedae struggling with U.S. geography, and so much more.

The Unpaid Intern show is set to have five more episodes, each with the goal of finding new employees for Mogul Corp. With each new episode, a new group of content creators will be joining the fray. We'll just need to check out the next episode to find out who's in the running.

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