Creator Clash 2 clarifies removal of Froggy Fresh from card cover image

Creator Clash 2 clarifies removal of Froggy Fresh from card

Creator Clash 2, the second iDubbbz boxing event, has clarified the reasoning behind Froggy Fresh’s removal from the event.

Creator Clash 2 has given a longer explanation of its now-controversial decision to remove rapper and influencer Tyler “Froggy Fresh” Cassidy from its lineup. Cassidy was removed from the event on the evening of Sunday, March 26, in an official post. Now a longer, more details explanation of his removal has been given.

In the post, it’s detailed that each fighter is bound to a “legally-binding code of conduct.” Reportedly, the Creator Clash team made “several unsuccessful attempts to address them with Froggy Fresh in the hopes we could work together to get things back on track.” These steps ultimately did not lead to the fighter remaining on the card.

Froggy Fresh removed from Creator Clash 2 after controversy

It’s speculated that the reasoning behind the removal has to with his involvement with comedian Sam Hyde. Hyde, who previously worked out with current Creator Clash fighter Harley Morenstein, has been criticized for his links to right-wing organizations

Sam Hyde and Idubbbz <a href="">spar under an overpass</a>
Sam Hyde and Idubbbz spar under an overpass

In 2022, iDubbbz released a documentary on Sam Hyde entitled Getting Away With It, where he attempted to interview Hyde. However, Hyde for his part, had previously released a video discrediting this interaction. It seems that Hyde had set up iDubbbz to meet a fake version of himself, with bizarre interactions, including hiring a fake girlfriend, having the crew act bizarrely around iDubbbz, and Hyde turning his persona up to 11. 

It’s unknown if the interactions with Hyde prompted Froggy Fresh to be removed, but it would certainly track. What’s more, numerous influencers have come out against Cassidy’s removal, including MoistCr1TiKaL, who said he was really disappointed with this. Cr1TiKal acted as a commentator for the first Creator Clash event.

Chris Ray Gun, Froggy’s former opponent, now still does not know their opponent just over two weeks out from the Creator Clash, which takes place on April 15.

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