Lilith, Hatsune Miku, and more won sweet cash prizes. Let’s look at all the amazing cosplays involved!

Cosplayer and Twitch streamer Emiru just wrapped up her fourth annual cosplay contest, hosted alongside Jessica Nigri, Asmongold, and Tectone. The contest gives back to the cosplay community by awarding cash prizes to a large range of cosplayers in different categories. The competition was fierce, friendly, and full of creativity.

The largest cash prize went to the winner of the Chat Favorite category. As the name implies, Emiru’s chat chose the winner through a bracket style of elimination. 

Here’s every cosplayer that won!

'Chat Favorite' winners

The first place winner of Chat Favorite is Cinderys_Art as Lilith from Diablo, who won $5,000. Second place went to Liensuecosplay as Yamato from One Piece, winning $2,500 while third place and $1,500 went to Troffiin as Hoslow from Elden Ring.

Cinderys_Art as Lilith (image via u/Cinderys on Reddit)Liensuecosplay as Yamato (image via u/LienSueCosplay on Reddit)Troffiin as Hoslow (image via u/troffiin via Reddit)

The rest of the categories are Most Creative, Funniest, Craftsmanship, Cutest, Best Makeup, Twitch, and Photography. First place for each category was awarded $2,500 USD, while second received $1,000 and third received $750. 

'Most Creative' winners

First place for Most Creative went to Potatoedovah as a FF14 Chocobo porter and his keeper. Second place was awarded to Kimberprime as Savathun from Destiny 2. This cosplay in particular was a fan favorite with the chat, as the incredible wings made quite the impression. Third place went to organisedmessmaker for his working GameBoy cosplay.

potateodovah as a FF14 Chocobo porter and his keeper (image via u/potatoedovah on Reddit)Kimberprime as Savathun from Destiny 2 (image via u/KimberPrime_ on Reddit)organisedmessmaker in his working GameBoy (image via u/organisedmessmaker on Reddit)

'Funniest' winners - Emiru Cosplay Contest

A highlight category, the Funniest category showed the quirkier side of the cosplay community. The top three winners are as followers: first place went to Capnshimizu as an Employee from Lethal Company. This cosplay is so game accurate that you can almost see him doing the iconic little dance. Second place went to the incredibly unique Hokage Mountain from Naruto by perthmagician. Last but not least went to the only kitty contestant as Catwell by bloodybaronesscos from the Elder Scrolls Online.

CapnShimizu as an Employee from Lethal Company (image via u/CapnShimizu on Reddit)perthmagician as the Hokage Mountain (image via u/perthmagician on Reddit)BloodyBaronessCos's cat as Catwell from Elder Scrolls (image via /u/BloodyBaronessCos on Reddit)

'Craftsmanship' winners

The Craftsmanship category brought special attention to the cosplays with the most detail and skill. Unsurprisingly, there was a repeat winner from the Chat Favorites. First place was awarded to Troffiin in Hoslow armor from Elden Ring. The level of detail in this piece is astounding, especially in images with better lighting. Second place went to Mimschu in their Monster Hunter Goss Harag armor. Third went to OshleyCosplay as Denathrius from World of Warcraft.

Troffiin in Hoslow armor from Elden Ring (image via u/troffiin on Reddit)Mimschu in Goss Harag armor (image via u/Low_Conclusion5226 on Reddit)OshleyCosplay as Denathrius from WoW (image via u/oshleycosplay on Reddit)

'Cute' winners

Emiru personally selected each of the winners of this Cute category. First place went to Nelkucosplay as Hatsune Miku Cinnamoroll, an exact picture of the Hatsune Miku x Cinnamoroll figures. Second went to an amazing crossover cosplay of Kirby and Jinx by Giomondal. Lastly, third was awarded to Koreffi as a genderbent Gorou.

Nelkucosplay as Cinnamoroll x Hatsune Miku (image via u/NelkuCosplay on Reddit)Giomondal as JIRBY (image via u/giomondal on Reddit)Koreffi as a genderbent Gorou (image via u/koreffi on Reddit)

'Best Makeup' winners

Essence Makeup chose the top three makeup cosplays in Emiru's Cosplay Contest. First place went to Chat Favorite, Lilith by Cinderys_Art. Second went to Dayjinx's ethereal magical fawn makeup. Kokushibo took third with her amazing Kokushibo cosplay from Demon Slayer.

Cinderys_Art as Lilith (image via u/Cinderys on Reddit)Dayjinx as a magical fawn (image via u/Dayjinx on Reddit)Sianlily as Kokushibo from Demon Slayer (image via u/sianlily on Reddit)

'Twitch' winners

The winners of this category were all cosplays that best represented something from Twitch. First place went to Henry Gertsen's cosplay from Mizkif's YMCA Death in hardcore WoW. Second place was taken by Banzai Wolf as the VTuber Lord Aethelstan. Third was awarded to TheExodarus on his cosplay of Dr. Disrespect as Dr. Disability.

Henry Gertsen as Mizkif YMCA Death (image via u/hgertsen on Reddit)Banzai Wolf as VTuber Lord Aethelstan (image via u/Tough-Lab74 on Reddit)TheExodarus as Dr. Disability (image via u/TheExodarus on Reddit)

'Photography' winners

One of the most important parts of cosplay, especially on the internet, photography had its own special category. First place was awarded to Shaunthebatybro's Yura, Bloody Finger Hunter from Elden Ring. Second went to fan favorite Multifluffyness and her Pyramid Head cosplay. The final winner of Emiru's Cosplay Contest is ezysummerscosplay of Triss Merigold from the Witcher 3 with her amazing fire effect.

Shaunthebatybro as Yura, Bloody Finger Hunter from Elden Ring (image via u/fakeshaunthebatybro on Reddit)Multifluffyness as Pyramid Head (image via u/Multifluffyness on Reddit)Ezysummerscosplay as Triss Merigold from the Witcher 3 (image via u/EzyCosplay on Reddit)

That wraps up all of the winners! Emiru and the other hosts chose a select number of honorable mentions, and each selection won $500.

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6

That concludes the fourth annual Emiru Cosplay Contest. Contestants submitted their cosplays via Reddit on Emiru's subreddit for the competition, so next year even you can submit!

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