The 2023 Lifetime Achievement Class Inductees have been announced.

The Esports Awards is a prominent event that happens once a year, awarding the best of the best gamers and creators in the world. Recently, the Esports Awards Counsel announced the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Class inductees.

This is a major deal for these eight inductees who were chosen. Here is a list of everyone joining the Lifetime Achievement Class in 2023.

8 people inducted into the 2023 lifetime achievement class (Esports Awards)

The Lifetime Achievement Class is sort of an Esports hall-of-fame, where individuals who are recognized as people who paved the way for the esports scene, are inducted into. This year, the Esports Awards Counsel chose six people to join the class, with two extra nominees chosen by the Esports Awards internal committee.

2023 Lifetime Achievement Class Inductees:

Image via Esports Awards.
Image via Esports Awards.

These eight nominees were chosen due to their involvement within the gaming and esports community, most from the very beginning, and helping it grow to the height it is at now. A lot of these inductees have been seen helping create various large tournaments, organizations and more.

Image via Esports Awards.
Image via Esports Awards.

As esports continues to thrive, many more people will find themselves joining the Lifetime Achievement Class in the future. The inductees will be celebrated a day before the actual Esports Awards take place this year.

When are the 2023 Esports Awards?

As 2023 comes to a close, many popular creators and gamers are looking forward to this year's Esports Awards, wondering just which titles will be awarded to whom.

So when does the Esports Awards take place? And where?

  • November 30, 2023 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The event will be presented by Lexus and will be streamable online and on TV.

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