Mr.Beast wants more than just a subscriber battle.

Mr.Beast is well-known for his entertaining and often out-of-pocket theatrics. This continues with his recent announcement to challenge the CEO of T-Series, the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. He posted a comparison between their subscribers, his almost catching up.

I challenge the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match.

With Mr.Beast's challenge now out in the open, many are wondering about the CEO of T-Series. Will he answer the call or will it be brushed aside?

Who is the CEO of T-Series?

(Image via Wikipedia)
(Image via Wikipedia)

Bhushan Kumar is the current CEO and chairman of T-Series. He is a 46-year-old man who succeeded T-Series' CEO position following his father's death in 1998. His father, Gushan Kumar, was the original founder and owner of T-Series.

Mr.Beast vs T-Series: A battle of YouTube subscribers

T-Series has long occupied YouTube's throne since it overtook famous YouTuber Pewdiepie in 2019. It is the largest Indian music record label which frequently uploads music videos and songs from movies. It holds a massive audience of Bollywood fans and Indian music in general.

The YouTube channel of T-Series now holds 256 million subscribers. The channel has accumulated an insane number of 255 billion total views across 20,000 different videos on the platform. On the contrary, Mr.Beast has only 49 billion total views though he has only uploaded close to 800 videos.

With Mr.Beast's subscribers closing in on T-Series, he is set to overtake the current king of YouTube. He is merely 6 million subscribers behind the Indian juggernaut. Will we see another "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" movement?

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