Twitch streamer Pokimane has officially leaves OfflineTV, the content creation group she co-founded, after six years together.

Fans of the iconic content creation group, OfflineTV is crying buckets after Imane "Pokimane" Anys announces her departure from the organization. She co-founded OfflineTV in 2017 and after six years of broken milestones, Pokimane has officially graduated from OfflineTV.

In an announcement video, the OfflineTV members send Pokimane off with a playful and heartwarming play about Pokimane's life. They then explained what it means for a person to graduate from OfflineTV as Pokimane is the first member to do so. Graduating basically means she won't be doing content under OTV as a full-time member.

Pokimane also shared her reasons for leaving OfflineTV in the video. She said, "There's more to it than just coming to the shoots. There's travel that you want to be a part of. There (are) stream events, and there (are) sponsorships." She feels like it is the best time to leave as the organization is in a good spot. "I'm at a point where I have a hard enough time balancing my work and my life and OTV is a thing in and of itself."

She assured the fans that there are no hate or negative feelings among the OfflineTV members, saying she wants to leave in the "best, most peaceful way where everybody can be happy and they can still support each other".

End of an era for OfflineTV

Pokimane has been with OfflineTV since the start. She co-founded the organization together with Christopher "Chris" Chan and William "Scarra" Li in 2017. Since then, they have grown into a well-known entertainment group that creates a wide range of content, from vlogs to members of OTV playing games together.

Pokimane herself gained 450,000 followers on Twitch in 2017, which earned her the Best Twitch Streamer of the Year by Shorty Awards. She is currently the most-followed Twitch female streamer and is in the top ten of the most-followed Twitch streamer at 9.3 million followers.

OfflineTV has also flourished in the entertainment industry. The organization currently has 385k followers on Twitch and 3.12 million subscribers on YouTube. They recently won The Streamer Awards for Best Content Organization in 2023.

OfflineTV members say goodbye to Pokimane

Throughout the years, the organization said hellos and goodbyes to a lot of people. OfflineTV currently housed nine content creators which are Scarra, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, Yvonnie, Michael Reeves, Brodin Plett, Sydeon, Masayoshi, and QuarterJade.

Pokimane and the members of OfflineTV (Image from OfflineTV)
Pokimane and the members of OfflineTV (Image from OfflineTV)

Scarra, the co-founder of OfflineTV, stated in the video how Pokimane has been with OTV since the very beginning. Pokimane dropped a fun fact, saying their group used to be called Boosted Monkeys. They shared how OfflineTV was close to disbanding a couple of times throughout the years but they stuck through and made it work.

LilyPichu, one of the earlier members of OfflineTV, gave a tearful goodbye in the video. "You have done so much for OfflineTV and it wouldn't be what it is without you. It might be a little sad without you but I think we can look forward to new beginnings."

Sydeon tweeted her love and support for Pokimane, saying "Thank you for everything, Poki ❤️ you’re such a huge inspiration to me and so many others! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you continue to do!" Yvonnie and QuarterJade also take it to Twitter to express their gratitude and support for Pokimane.

What's in the future for Pokimane?

OfflineTV has assured their fans that Pokimane will be seen in their videos every once and a while. Pokimane shares that she will now be trying a lot of new stuff and venturing into different types of content. She also teased a future project, saying "I'm working on a big project that will launch in the next six months to a year."

She went on to express gratitude to her friends in OfflineTV and her fans. "Throughout my whole career, it is genuinely one of the things I'm the most proud of. The community we've built, the vibes we've created within the gaming and streaming industries, I love it."

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