The event allowed the audience to experience a sight rarely seen – your favorite pro players playing against your favorite streamers. Let’s just say it was a thrilling experience.

A favourite concept within the community, players of the game have always wondered what a game between two teams of different level skill would look like. The plethora of videos on YouTube with this concept demonstrates that enough.

With OTV’s Pros VS Noobs, viewers are even more excited to witness how well their streamers would fare against some of the biggest names in Valorant’s competitive scene.

The Pros VS Noobs event

The event’s lineup featured professional players SEN TenZ and NRG s0m versus popular streamers Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, kyedae and kkatamina. Two official casters have also been brought into this event, esports commentators Darlyn ‘Gompers’ Diaz and Gustavo ‘Upmind’ Franco Domingues.

No stranger to organizing events of this kind, Disguised Toast has really outdone himself this time. Between the star-studded lineup, the casters and the overall production, watching the stream almost felt like watching an official VCT match.

It’s even more interesting to watch when the stream tunes in to one of the team’s voice channels from time to time, giving the audience a view of what’s happening behind the scenes.

An overwhelmingly large amount of people predicted that the Pro team will win easily, despite the disadvantage.  But while the skill gap between the two teams might be large enough to grant the Pros effortless wins, TenZ shared how they were still concerned over the end result of the match.

A victory on Bind

On Bind, the Noob team was quickly falling apart to the Pro team’s one-taps and coordinated plays. The difference between both teams’ gameplay is apparent, especially when both pro players acknowledged that they were playing ‘a little bit sweaty’.

As expected from the streamer group, their point-of-view of the match was hilarious to watch as they faced the unchartered territory of playing against Radiants. Sykkuno, known for his ‘troll personality’ and equally troll gameplay, surprised the Pro team with his unexpected ‘bronze gameplays’ and even managed to knife s0m in one of the rounds.

TenZ on the reworked Yoru was unstoppable, clutching on 1v4s as both he and s0m secured a few Aces throughout the game. Though kyedae won some of her aim battles and the ‘Noobs’ outplays their opponent a handful of times, TenZ and s0m end the game 13-8. 

"There’s 3 sites and only 2 of them"

Heading into the second game, the ‘Noob’ team chose Haven as their map. It was a calculated pick on their part, theorizing that they were more likely to win on Haven because ‘there’s 3 sites and only 2 of them.’

Toast’s observation became reality as the professional players struggled to secure rounds throughout the game. On both defending and attacking sides, the ‘Noob’ team dominated, with kyedae top fragging as Sage coupled with Valkyrae’s sneaky gameplay.

While the map itself proved to be a problem, it could also be that the two duelist combination of Reyna and Jett is less effective, with no supporting utility to help the Pro team. The game ends on a 13-6, securing the third game in the series.

An unstoppable comeback

The Pro team chose Icebox as the third map with TenZ picking Neon and s0m playing Chamber. The streamer group dominated the first half, securing 8 rounds while the duo only won 4 rounds.

On defence though, the Noobs were wrecked by the Pros. With TenZ switching between Neon, Jett and Raze, dashing and sliding all over the map, and s0m’s Chamber anchoring the sites, the attacking team could hardly keep up. 

Even when the match witnesses a comeback on Pros’ team behalf, we see more glimpses of Trollkuno throughout the game. He somehow managed to knife s0m for the second time in one of the rounds. But not all of his troll plays wins him the game as he fails to flank successfully, noticed by s0m in his not-so discreet hiding spot.

But there’s nothing Toast’s group could possibly do to win more rounds. With a depleted economy, up against Chamber’s Tour De Force and TenZ’s clicking heads, the Pros’ victory was inevitable. 

Pros vs Noobs: Aftermatch

The entire series was very entertaining, from the Noobs fumbling over their opponent's expertise to the Pros being flabbergasted over the other team’s unexpected gameplays. We even get to see more of Sykkuno being a menace to professional players, a reputation that he had obtained from a previous event.

Although initially meant to be a Best of 1 match, all of the people involved were more than happy to extend the event, adding on to more hilarious moments that we get to witness. 

All in all the 2 Pros vs 5 Noobs showmatch was a fun match for the players as well as viewers. The pros won, but the noobs had the fan support all the way through.

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