Twitch streamer Sapnap is the only survivor of the Spanish Minecraft event, Twitch Rivals Squid Craft Games 2.

After six days of wild battles with violent and fierce competition, a lone survivor has emerged from the Twitch Rivals Squid Craft Games 2. With the blood and tears of his enemies and friends, Sapnap stood alone in the end game. He just watched 199 people die and he is getting $100,000 USD for it.

Sapnap is an American content creator who is famous for his Minecraft challenge videos and Minecraft stream on Twitch. He regularly joins in Minecraft challenges with his group of YouTubers/Twitch content-creator. He is a part of the Dream Team, a collaboration group with other top Minecraft creators, Dream and GeorgeNotFound.

Sapnap promoting his merchandise after his victory in Squid Craft Games 2 (Image from Sapnap)
Sapnap promoting his merchandise after his victory in Squid Craft Games 2 (Image from Sapnap)

He was previously rumored to join Squid Craft Games 2 when one of the creators of the series and top Spanish Twitch streamer, Komanche, tagged him in a tweet with a squid emoji.

The streamer community was excited as the Squid Craft in 2022 was a huge hit among the Spanish community. This time, they expanded the competition to include non-Spanish streamers such as GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Amourant, xQc, and TinaKitten.

The competition lasted for six days from Feb. 28 to March 5. The winner has to go through all twelve challenges and they are bringing home all the prize money worth $100,000 USD.

How Sapnap survives the Squid Craft 2

You can check out the summary of Squid Craft Games 2 over here.

Sapnap teamed up with his close friend, GeorgeNotFound in most of the Squid Craft challenges. He almost faced early elimination in Game 2 where he had to run from the wolves after being attacked by them. Day 2 was an easy breeze for Sapnap. He aced Simon Says and Crazy Tails, resulting in him surviving another day.

There were only three English-speaking streamers left in the event by Day 4. Sapnap, hannahxxrose, and GeorgeNotFound teamed up in the Three Wise Monkeys. Their teamwork proves to be efficient as they ended up second in place, missing elimination. Next during Los Globos (Ballons), they had to answer a quiz on general knowledge and Sapnap answered all with ease. He later escaped elimination with his ballon inflated by just a bit.

Day 5 started with a Pictionary, where the teams have to guess what is being drawn by their teammate. Sapnap's team, which consisted of GeorgeNotFound, hannahxxrose, deargia, and Wefere, was a force to be reckoned with. They finished first despite having 10 points taken away for a cheating penalty where GeorgeNotFound had to spell "BROWN" to indicate he was drawing chocolate as he was colorblind. There were also possible benefits from the team being a mixture of English speakers and Spanish speakers as the words are the same in both languages.

The last day came and it was grim with only twenty players left out of two hundred players. They started the day with On Base, where they have to step on illuminated tiles when the music stops. It was down to Shadoune666, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap before GeorgeNotFound missed his last chance and has to be eliminated.

The End Game of Squid Craft Games 2

The final game was a close, intense match between Shadoune666 and Sapnap. They were both famous for having high skills in player-versus-player (PvP) mechanics. They had the same amount of hearts after exchanging hits for the first minute. That was before Sapnap, with only one heart left, throw the final punch and swiftly toss Shadoune666 off the cliff.

Sapnap finally stood alone on the mountain, celebrating his sweet victory. He is the second winner of the Squid Craft series, with the first one being OllieGamerz in 2022.

Squid Craft Games 2 breaks Twitch Rivals Hours Watched record

Previously, the first edition of Squid Craft in 2022 saw a peak of 2.2 million viewers with 17.75 million Hours Watched. Squid Craft 2 later breaks Twitch Rivals' record of its own precedent with 22.64 million Hours Watched. The event peaked at 1.6 million viewers. As of now, this is Twitch Rivals' highest record yet.

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