Who would have thought that a game show would be hosted on Twitch?

More and more streamers continue to raise the bar when it comes to fun and unique content displayed on the internet. Popular streamer, ExtraEmily, who is known for her IRL style of streams, hosted the first episode of OTK's new show: "Wheel of Chaos."

The show was streamed live on Twitch on Emily's personal channel and featured popular creators Myth, Mizkif, Emiru and Willneff.

OTK hosts new game show, Wheel of Chaos, on Twitch, giving money to charity

The show's first episode broke down exactly what the episode would entail, with Emily explaining everything to the viewers. For whatever contestant wins, a large sum of $5,000 was set to be given to a charity of that contestant's choice.

Each contestant's chosen charity:

  • Myth: St. Jude
  • Emiru: ASPCA
  • Mizkif: Games4love
Image via Wheel of Chaos
Image via Wheel of Chaos

We can't forget to mention Emily's fabulous co-host, Donna (Willneff).

Image via Wheel of Chaos
Image via Wheel of Chaos

A star-studded cast for the first episode of Wheel of Chaos led to an incredibly entertaining livestream.

How the game show works

The new game show resembles that of Wheel of Fortune, where players spin a wheel to then attempt to guess whatever phrases are blocked out on the big screen.

With various different topics on the line, every contestant had to think thoroughly before using their spins to guess different letters to put up on the screen.

There were lots of impressive moments though. At one point, Emiru guessed the entire phrase off of only one letter.

The letter on the screen was "L", leading Emiru to guess "Leaning Tower of Pisa," which was correct!

Also, can we get some respect for Mizkif's outfit?

Wheel of Chaos
Wheel of Chaos

A great start to the beginning of a new era of streaming!

Wheel of Chaos perhaps marked the beginning of a new style of streaming. Usually, when people think of streaming, they think of gamers sitting at their setup playing their favorite video game. Now, a precedent has been set that includes high-quality game shows.

In the end, Emiru walked out as the victor, giving her prize pool to ASPCA.

With quite a few comedic moments from every creator, Wheel of Chaos's successful first episode pushes streaming to the next level, making the future of Twitch quite exciting.

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