Remove the Rotten apple they say. This new feature has potential to improve toxicity on the live-streaming platform

Twitch streamers will soon be able to share their banned users list on the platform with each other as per a report by Zach Bussey.  While many streamers were already doing this via other means, this new feature will allow streamers to do it on the platform itself.

The new shared ban functionality will allow users to share their ban lists with another channel as per the report. Users who have a history of unruly behavior on one channel are most likely to exhibit similar behavior on other channels as well. 

Twitch started out as a live-streaming platform for video games but has since grown into other categories. Just Chatting, IRL, Music have all helped the non-gaming section of Twitch grow with a massive viewerbase. Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch come from the Just Chatting category. 

How do shared ban lists affect users?

Over the years, Twitch has given its content creators means to handle unruly viewers. Some of the ‘weapons’ at their disposal include automod, moderators, twitch timeouts, channel bans, keyword bans and more.

The Shared ban feature is still in the development stage and will most likely see a few tweaks before its launch. The community has mostly been supportive of this new feature, although there have been some doubts about wrongful bans affecting a user’s presence on another channel.

However, most Twitch streamers already share details about unruly users, albeit informally. The new system will allow them to directly share these names with other streamers helping them focus on their content creation.

Obviously, a lot depends on from where users get the Twitch shared ban list. If you are a content creator, it is important to trust the channel you are getting the shared list from. There have been instances of unjust bans from channels, so it’s advisable to conduct your own checks before you blindly take action against a shared ban list user from another channel. 

Recently Twitch also announced a Guest Star feature in the Just Chatting category where content creators can have live interaction with their users via audio and video. You can read more about it here