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Twitch to allow streamers to watch content from banned creators

Twitch’s newest update will allow streamers to display content from banned creators.

Another surprising update from Twitch as the company just announced they will be allowing streamers to watch content made by banned creators. With so many back-and-forth updates from the streaming platform, it is tough for a creator to understand what is and what isn't allowed.

Here is exactly what the new update means.

Twitch streamers can now watch content from banned creators

Twitch has been hammering down on creators over the past months by banning new metas, such as the gameplay on a gamer's butt or breasts. Still, though, many additional updates have left creators confused as to what's allowed and what's not.

So what exactly does this new update mean? Well, with streamers now being able to watch banned creators, it means no one will be penalized for displaying footage from a creator banned on Twitch.

This means someone could put up a VOD of Dr Disrespect and it be completely okay. However, in the update, Twitch states: "Sharing commentary is a big part of the Twitch experience." This seems to imply that a streamer must still make the content partially their own if they want to display a banned streamer.

You cannot just put up a VOD and walk out of the room, as that seems to still be violating Twitch TOS.

Can you play explicit content from banned streamers?

With many streamers, such as Amouranth and more, being banned over the last few weeks for explicit content, many are wondering if this means you can display their footage on stream.

No, this update does not mean people can now display explicit content, as long as it's someone else's. Twitch still has it set in the rules that sexual content revealing specific body parts or putting an emphasis on them is still against TOS.

What are your thoughts on the newest Twitch update?

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