Streamers are now going to receive a 70/30 split on subs revenue, as long as they meet a specific criteria.

It seems like Twitch is finally starting to listen to their creators; well... sort of. Today, the popular streaming platform announced that Twitch Partners will soon be eligible for a 70/30 split on subs with their new Partner Plus Program.

Sounds great, right? Well, there is a bit of a catch.

Twitch Partner Plus Program to give Partners 70/30 split on subs if they meet specific criteria

Unfortunately, the 70/30 sub-split might not be as achievable as you thought. The split will be offered with the Partner Plus Program, but there are some bars you have to hit first.

How to join the Twitch Partner Plus Program:

  • Be a Twitch Partner
  • Hold 350 or more subs for 3 consecutive months

350 subs does not sound too hard right? I mean, if you are a partner, it means you probably have a pretty solid community backing you. Unfortunately, it just is not going to be that easy.

Twitch Partner Plus eligibility
Twitch Partner Plus eligibility

Twitch also stated that Prime Subs and Gifted Subs will NOT count toward the qualification criteria, meaning you need 350 individual Tier 1 subs to meet the qualification for the Twitch Partner Plus Program.

Additional information you will want to know

Additionally, Prime Subs will also not count toward the 70/30 split for those apart of the program. Luckily, gifted subs will be a part of the split.

Twitch also ensured a cap, allowing for only those who are making less than $100,000 a year off of Twitch subs. If you end up passing this threshold, your split will return back to 50/50.

Once you join the Partner Plus Program, you will be in it for 12 months, and will not be kicked if your subs fall below 350.

Twitch has been taking a lot of heat lately for their poor connection with their creators, and this new announcement just seems to help further the fact that Twitch does not want to listen to those who matter most to them. Hopefully, this ends up being a step in the right direction, and we see more partners get offered a 70/30 split on subs in the future.

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