YouTube editing has NEVER been this simple.

YouTube has just released their brand new app titled, "YouTube Create", which allows for creators to edit content on the go. This is a huge step for the content platform. The app gives people the correct tools needed to edit and splice up content on their phones, making it incredibly easy for anyone to do.

Here is everything you need to know about YouTube Create.

YouTube Create officially launches its beta

YouTube released their new app earlier today (September 21, 2023) and creators are already raving over it. The app acts as a direct correspondent with YouTube, where people can edit and then post directly to their YouTube channel.

But that's not even the best part. The app gives creators tools such as audio cleanup, auto-captions and more.

Not only that, but YouTube Create acts as a hub for royalty-free music, meaning creators will not have to worry about copyright strikes or being demonetized for using a random song. This comes after many years of complaints of creators thinking a song would be royalty-free but ends up not.

The app is meant to create short-form AND long-form content

Usually, the majority of apps we find for creating tend to be used mainly for short-form. YouTube Create, however, is attempting to push past that limitation, making the app super accessible and easy to edit long-form content.

The idea is that people will be utilizing YouTube's platform from all angles, whether it's posting, streaming AND editing. This is a HUGE stride made by the company, and could easily help them dominate the content-creating world.

The future of content-creating is only getting brighter! If you are itching to create, there has never been a better time to get at it. The tools are literally at your fingers.

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