Anime and video games collide once more in this Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 collab reveal, set for release on Jan. 9.

2024 is the year for big-time collaborations if the last year was any indicator. From Overwatch and One Punch Man to Fortnite and the most horrific version of Peter Griffin imaginable, it seems anything is possible in gaming. Well, add the most appropriate and best one to the list. In conjunction between Shueisha and Capcom, we're getting a Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 collab to promote the former's upcoming film, Code: White.

The collab is set for release from Jan. 9 to 31 and features costumes for both Yor and Loid Forger, as well as frames, stamps, and more for logging in. We've got the screenshots down below.

Spy x Family, Street Fighter collide Jan. 9

If you aren't familiar, Yor Forger from Spy x Family is not only a world renowned assassin but also a.... Well, she's not a great mother. However, what she lacks in cooking she more than makes up for in loving her adopted daughter and internet darling, Anya. That version of Yor takes a seat in lieu of the demented hand-to-hand specialist in this short collab video.

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Squaring off in an a short animation similar in style to Street Fighter 6 and made by WIT STUDIO, the Spy x Family lead and Chun-Li go on the attack. It's a beautiful piece of animation, but it's also bitter-sweet. The Spy x Family Street Fighter 6 collab is, sadly, another SF6 in-game event with limited time items.

Some folks are already salty that Yor Forger isn't being added into the actual game. To them, I say... What were you expecting? Fortnite adding every character in the known universe has fried your brains, man. The costumes are neat, don't get jelly.

Look for the collab on Jan. 9. Until then I'll just dream of a Shonen vs Capcom fighting game. Sigh.

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