Oh, good. I was worried he wouldn’t be in this one.

The least surprising addition to the Street Fighter 6 roster is finally upon us. After all, it wouldn't be a Street Fighter game without Akuma, would it? Revealed today by Capcom during a livestream all about future updates, we finally have a release date thanks to the Street Fighter 6 Akuma reveal. And really, that's all we have--the trailer is short on information and long on words. However, don't be too shocked if the SF6 release date for Akuma is sooner in spring than later on.

However, not all hope is lost. We do get a mention of a 'spring' release date for Akuma in Street Fighter 6. So, that's neat. Personally, I'd prefer if Akuma weren't in the game at all, but I know I'm but a vocal minority in that arena.

Street Fighter 6 Akuma reveal, release date

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"Hundreds of opponents, all felled by his hand," speaks the ominous trailer. That isn't just about the number of annoyed players about to be beaten by dedicated Akuma mains. The most popular character in the franchise by Japan's vote, Akuma felt like a surprise entry in the Street Fighter 5 season one DLC info drop. This now makes two games in a row that hasn't featured the fireball hurling glass cannon in its starting roster. Maybe it's because they know folks will shell out good money for him as DLC.

Boy, that sounds cynical, huh? Sorry about that.

However I may feel about Akuma, the vibes are truly immaculate in his Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer. I'm getting some good old kung-fu movie, "my master is dead and I must avenge him" feels from it and that's where I want my Street Fighter to be at. It's also interesting how Akuma's look has changed yet again between the previous and newest iteration of Street Fighter.

We'll give you more information on what to expect from Akuma in SF6 when a specific release date is revealed. Until then, we'll watch, wait, and prepare for the Akuma flood on Ranked Mode.

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