Find out who will be participating as talent during the Capcom Cup IX.

The Capcom Cup IX is right around the corner. While players and fans anxiously await the tournament's arrival, Capcom took to Twitter to announce their official talent roster.

Here is a list of every person working as talent during the Capcom Cup IX.

Capcom is prepared to give fans the best show they could ask for; Showcasing some of the top talents worldwide

When watching an esports tournament, people often overlook how crucial solid talent is. The Capcom Cup is no exception to that.

During the current month of February, the company has been announcing on Twitter their list of talent for the Capcom Cup IX. Here is who they have announced thus far.

Capcom Cup IX talent roster:

Each talent member had their own special spotlight dedicated toward them on Capcom's Twitter. This excessive display of "Street Fighter" expertise is setting up what will be one of the most entertaining Capcom Cups to date.

Hollywood prepares for a historic tournament

Players are gearing up and fans are waiting in anticipation for the Capcom Cup IX. With the world's top Street Fighter competitors joining the stage together, people are in for a treat.

The competition begins tomorrow (February 12) with a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) and spans out through the entirety of the following week.

The action will be nothing close to sparse.

Capcom also took to Twitter at the beginning of February to highlight quite a few of the players competing, such as veggey, Juninho and more. The hype built around this event has been absolutely unreal.

Wanting to watch the tournament from the comfort of your home? Do so at Capcom's official Twitch.

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