Red Bull and Panda Global debut Fight-Alytics cover image

Red Bull and Panda Global debut Fight-Alytics

Red Bull Gaming’s new series Fight-Alytics breaks down Daigo’s change from Ryu to Guile during his Street Fighter V career.

Red Bull Gaming and Panda Global have teamed up to present the FGC with some brand new analytical content. Their new series, Fight-Alytics, is meant to breakdown the highest level of fighting game play so that anyone can understand. The series will focus on the highest level of fighting game players from around the world. Their first subject is Daigo Umehara, well known for his legendary Evo moment 37 parry.

What is Fight-Alytics?

Fight-Alytics is Red Bull Gaming and Panda Global's PG stats's new series focused on high level fighting game strategy and play style. Their first episode focused on Daigo Umehara and his signature UmeShoryu technique. Daigo's legendary psychic uppercuts helped him to dominate Street Fighter IV and its future updates. The episode dives in, showing viewers why the technique was effective, and how it seemed like Daigo could never miss when using it.

Their most recent episode follows Daigo and his progression as a player through Street Fighter V and its various updates. The episode follows Daigo's journey as he changed his main character from Ryu to Guile, and what decisions led him down that path. Although his start in Street Fighter V was promising, nerfs to Ryu led to a decline in Season 2 of Street Fighter V. The switch to Guile during the second season, saw a return to form. You can learn more about Daigo's journey through Street Fighter V's competitive scene by watching the full video.

What's next?

Fight-Alytics next episode will focus on Bonchan, and his meteoric rise during 2019. During the summer of that year, Bonchan made waves by winning 4 straight Capcom Pro Tour events, including EVO and CEO! The episode will break down the stats and choices that he made with his Karin to secure a remarkable four tournament win streak.

The following three episodes will shift away from Street Fighter, and focus on other games in the FGC. Although Red Bull has yet to reveal which games they are, we're waiting on the edge of our sets for the rest!

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