Street Fighter 6 copyright strikes hit dozens of YouTubers before footage is officially released cover image

Street Fighter 6 copyright strikes hit dozens of YouTubers before footage is officially released


Dozens of YouTube channels and YouTubers found their channels hit with copyright claims for sharing new footage of Street Fighter 6.

Multiple YouTube channels showcasing new footage of Street Fighter 6 found themselves hit with copyright strikes from CAPCOM following their upload on Jan. 21 and Jan. 22. The channels had shared footage from Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2022, a pay-per-view event. This event was broadcast on a select few channels.
During the PPV, two new pieces of gameplay footage of SF6 were debuted. These included a showdown between Marisa and Manon, in Manon’s Fête Foraine stage. We saw Marisa’s Level 3 super for the first time, and some of her new moves. Additionally, a matchup between Dee Jay and Blanka was seen, giving us some look at just how these classic fighters would play in the new game.
All this footage, however, was removed from YouTube by the morning of Jan. 23. Instead, viewers were greeted with the message “Video unavailable. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CAPCOM CO., LTD.”
But in perhaps the cruelest twist of all, much of the footage that was shared was released on Street Fighter’s official Twitter accounts just a day later.
Several creators were affected, including Rooflemonger, King Jae, and others. Many were posting the footage raw, but others, such as King Jae, had posted commentary over the videos, making them transformative. Still the copy strikes came for them, with Jae fielding two strikes from CAPCOM.
However as some creators pointed out, we’re not even sure if these were handed down by Capcom itself. Maximilian Dood, who avoided a strike and deleted his video, weighed in that it might have been a PR agency that handled the strikes.
Similarly, PPV companies are no joke, and take piracy, which hits their business especially hard, very seriously. Still, with the footage for at least one of the reveals now released, creators have a chance to react to legitimately content.
And what a bounty that reveal is! Since no one has had a chance to get hands-on with Marisa or Manon (they were absent in the beta), a chance to see their supers, abilities, and other details of their fighting styles is incredible. Once again, we’re hyped for Street Fighter 6. Even if some copyright strikes are going to leave a sour taste in content creator’s mouths. 
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Michael Hassall
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