conducted an interview with 100 Thieves VALORANT IGL, Boostio, after he and his team took home the VCT Americas Stage 1 trophy.

100 Thieves are the winners of the VCT Americas Stage 1 Playoffs. Following their sweep of G2 Esports, we chatted with the team's IGL, Kelden "Boostio" Pupello.

He spoke with us about the dominant victory in the Grand Final, how it all came together on 100 Thieves, and how he's looking forward to Masters Shanghai.

100T Boostio on who he wants to pick at Shanghai, and how he is blessed with his team

(Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)
(Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)

"First thing’s first. Talk your trash."

Boostio: "I mean, I think I've been saying it all split. We proved we're the best team at this tournament. I also tweeted out that we would come back and 3:0 them in the Grand Final. Because we played like sh*t in the Upper Final. And I think we proved it. We all came today actually wanting to win.

"We were not trying at all, like actually, it was the weirdest series in my life. Even I lit up the gas, which I usually don't do. So, it was pretty bad on my part. But coming into this Grand Finals, we knew we 100% wanted to win it, and we were going to 100% try our hardest. We demolished them."

"Just give me a quick rundown of the series then. A nice 3:0 to end the split. What were some of your highlight moments you’d like to share?"

Boostio: "I think a lot of it was attack on Breeze. I played really well. I just kind of ran them down. Pistol round, I ran them down. I was calling really good on Breeze as well. So, it just all kind of came together for for me on that Breeze map. So, I'd just say all of Breeze attack, to be honest. Defense was a little rough, but Breeze attack was nice."

(Photo by Christian Betancourt/Riot Games)
(Photo by Christian Betancourt/Riot Games)

"Having that extra day, not having played a best-of-five just the day prior that went super late. Do you think that played a factor you guys being able to pick them apart like that?

Boostio: "It definitely helped. Even if they had a day of rest, we'd still sh*t on them. I do believe that, but it definitely did not help them. Yeah, they probably played a little worse, but I still think we would've 3:0'd owed them. It definitely sucks for them. Yeah, that would've sucked."

"So, it isn’t a world championship, but it's still a championship of some kind. That’s two trophies to your name as an IGL with completely different teams. What’s that say about your ability to lead in VALORANT?"

Boostio: "I am very happy right now. A lot of people could say last year was a fluke for a lot of EG. We won two matches in playoffs. I mean, I don't think it was a fluke, of course, but people could argue it. After this year coming to 100 Thieves with Tony (Zikz), I think both of us proved that, we didn't need any of last year to prove how good we are this year.

"So, coming in with four new players, me and him, kind of took over the team and those players are incredible. My teammates are some of the best players in the world. I've been saying it all year and I've been saying it to everyone. We could be the best team in the world, easily.

"This team could 100% win at Shanghai or Champs like EG did, which gives me goosebumps, because I could win again. I got blessed with my teammates. It feels really good to not be a fraud, though, and to come onto a new team, a totally different system, and just win. Feels very good."

(Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)
(Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)

"And tell me, how does this 100 Thieves squad compare to the Evil Geniuses team that won Champions last year?"

Boostio: "I think the biggest glaring comparison, to be honest, is just almost like play style. I think we're still a little bit behind prime EG, Champs EG and end of Tokyo EG. But I think the play style is very similar. It's a lot of good mid rounds, and a lot of good calling from me. Also being very aggressive when we need to be getting deep lines, pushing off deep lines, getting solo info by yourself.

"We're very smart players. The team fights together. We're all on the same page, doing the same thing, fighting the same fight. Which was very, very EG last year. That's why we were so good. And I think me and Tony really brought that over from EG, with a couple other things, and it's just working perfect for us."

"Even though you’ve been at the top before, and now you’re back. It’s clear that you’re always learning. What is your biggest takeaway from Stage 1?"

Boostio: "Biggest takeaway from Stage 1? Just be confident, I guess. I'm a very confident guy. Sometimes I can falter, but as long as I just keep my confidence high, then we could beat any team in the world, to be honest. So, probably confidence."

(Photo by Christian Betancourt/Riot Games)
(Photo by Christian Betancourt/Riot Games)

"Well, today, when this interview is being conducted, is Mother’s Day in America. We know your mom is one of your biggest supporters. How awesome of a gift is this victory for her?"

Boostio: "Yeah, I bet she probably cried instantly and is living it up right now. Talking to everyone out there, just having a blast. So, pretty happy for her, happy for me. Going to see her after this, say hi, and say I love her."

"And with Masters Shanghai ahead, how do you feel about skipping the Swiss Stage and picking your opponent when it is over?"

Boostio: "That's sick. Being able to skip the Swiss Stage is insane. That is very cool. I have a couple people in mind that I'm going to pick, off the top of my head for teams. Me and Tony will, of course, talk about it. But I hope I'm the one that gets to choose, or I hope I'm the one that gets to be on stream and choose, because I'm going to sh*t talk the f*ck out of whoever we pick and it's going to be so good."

(Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)
(Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games)

"Just give me one team then, that’s qualified, that you’re hoping you can bully a bit with your selection."

Boostio: "If FPX make it, I'll pick FPX."

Any particular reason?

Boostio: "They're just bad. They're not very good. Compared to Heretics and Gen.G. Or T1. T1 or FPX would be my pick, if I'm just thinking off the top of my head. I haven't really scouted the teams at all. But T1 or FPX, it'd be one of those teams, if they make it through."

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