Evil Geniuses parts ways with VALORANT Game Changers roster cover image

Evil Geniuses parts ways with VALORANT Game Changers roster

Evil Geniuses has announced the release of its VALORANT Game Changers roster following the 2023 championship tournament.

Just days after the third most-watched women's tournament in esports history ended, Evil Geniuses has let go of it VALORANT Game Changers Roster. EG has had quite the year, winning VCT Champions 2023 and making it to the VCT Game Changers Championship 2023.

That hasn't stopped them from seemingly shutting down all esports operations. Rumors have swirled for months that they are getting ready to close up shop. This comes after reports that their championship roster was forced to take pay cuts and other teams weren't allowed to buy them out.

Now, there is more fuel to the fire after EG has parted ways with the entire Game Changers team. They did not have the best showing at the championship event, but this is a team that fought hard all year long and took first place in the final NA GC Series of the year.

Evil Geniuses no longer fields a VALORANT Game Changers team

(Photo by Adela Sznajder/Riot Games)
(Photo by Adela Sznajder/Riot Games)

Evil Geniuses had a tough time prior to GC Champs. They emptied their Duelist role after removing keenc for inappropriate behavior. Towards the end of November, it was filled by Nora, also known as Scarshark32.

That gave just a couple short weeks of preparation time for the number one seed out of North America. You can add a dominant player to a team, but it takes time for the team to become a cohesive unit with a new addition.

Evil Geniuses VCT coach Christine "potter" Chi was aware of that, being the only broadcast talent to predict that EG GC would be eliminated without winning a map. That's exactly what happened to this squad.

(Photo by Bruno Alvares /Riot Games)
(Photo by Bruno Alvares /Riot Games)

They stormed through the Lower Bracket of GC Series 3 in NA, besting the then Version1 squad that would go on to lift the trophy under Shopify Rebellion. At GC Champs 2023, however, it was an immediate elimination.

They put up just 10 rounds in their series against Team SMG. Their showing against Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket was much better, but it still wasn't enough to continue their run. Thus, they bid farewell in 7th-8th place.

And unfortunately, the early defeat alongside the alleged internal issues with EG has seen them removed from the organization. These are great players any org looking to invest in Game Changers would benefit from signing. Until then, they're another casualty of the current state of Evil Geniuses.

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