EMEA vs China. Which team will come out on top? Here’s the latest results

Karmine Corp and FunPlus Phoenix kick off Day 2 of the VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paolo. Karmine Corp features some of the big names from EMEA. Meanwhile, FPX has a Chinese roster, one of the two invited teams for this event. The battle between the two regions will be closely watched by fans and Riot Games as well. After all, they have hinted at a potential new region for China in the future if VALORANT picks up in the country. Here's all we need to know about the match between Karmine Corp and FunPlus Phoenix in Sao Paolo.

FPX vs Karmine Corp Live results

Team 1
Team 2
FunPlus PhoenixKarmine Corp6-1313-8 6-13 1-2
Match results: Karmine Corp vs FunPlus Phoenix

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Map 1 - Lotus

Karmine Corp and FunPlux Phoenix went toe to toe in the initial rounds. FunPlus Phoenix was able to compete with Kcorp in terms of firepower. However, as the half went on, KCorp pulled ahead with some unique individual plays and strategis.

Even with Berlin's 'different' crosshair, he is using a Chicken crosshair, the players were here to compete

There were times when FPX looked flat and lack of strategies. However, on an individual level, FPX were able to stand tall against Karmine Corp. It will definitely be interesting to see how far FunPlus Phoenix can go in the next map - Haven.

The single-elimination format of this tournament is brutal and half the teams will go home after losing just one best-of-three series.

Map 2 - Haven

The second map was quite different from the way the first one went. Despite their loss, FunPlus Phoenix looked very comfortable on Haven. Both sides picked up unorthodox lineups but FPX was able to play their own game.

Meanwhile, Karmine Corp seemed highly uncomfortable in their approach on Haven. The team was often left without adequate finances and they would not be able to get full buys. There were moments of brilliance, especially from the KCorp IGL, ScreaM; however, it was not enough.

Map 3 - Pearl

The third map was Pearl and we saw Harbor being picked by the Chinese squad. FunPlus Phoenix continued with their strong performance from Map 2 and looked very dominant in through the early stages of the third map.

However, the ScreaM and Niviera duo were able to shut them down from multiple angles. From collat kills to multi-frags, Nivera was able to bring back KCorp even in rounds where they looked lost and on the brink of loss.

Overall, FPX exceeded expectations on the final two maps and were a serious challenger. Unfortunately, they fell short.

What are the team rosters?

KC Valorant roster

Karmine Corp's VALORANT roster is as follows. ScreaM is the team's captain and one of the more experienced players at this VCT LOCK//IN.

  • Ryad "Shin" Ensaad
  • Alexis "Newzera" Humbert
  • Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom
  • Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom
  • Alexandre "xms" Forté

FunPlus Phoenix Valorant roster

  • He "WudiYuChEn" Cai
  • Tang "TZH" Zhehao
  • Zhang "BerLIN" Bo-lin
  • Zhang "AAAAY" Yang
  • Huang "Yuicaw" Yung-chieh

Where can I watch Karmine Corp vs FPX?

The VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paolo matches will stream live on Twitch and YouTube. You can find the action live on our embed here.

Match Highlights

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