Keznit’s Return: Return to KRÜ for Keznit after 5 months away cover image

Keznit’s Return: Return to KRÜ for Keznit after 5 months away


After five months away, it has been announced that Keznit will return to KRÜ Esports for the continuation of the Americas League.

KRÜ Esports has confirmed the return of Keznit to their starting VALORANT roster as part of the mid-season changes ahead of the continuation of the NA VCT season. The news was announced by social media on March 17 alongside a celebratory announcement video.

Who is Keznit?

Angelo ‘Keznit’ Mori is a 21-year-old Chilean VALORANT player who rose to notoriety with his pop-off plays across matches on his signature Jett and Omen picks. Keznit was originally on the KRÜ Esports roster between May 2021 and December 2022 but moved to Leviatán for the 2023 season. The move followed his contract with KRÜ expiring.

Keznit at KRÜ Esports - Image via Keznit's Twitter
Keznit at KRÜ Esports - Image via Keznit's Twitter

However, after five months with the Argentinian team (as the sixth member ahead of the LOCK//IN in Saõ Paulo) Keznit will once again return to KRÜ Esports for the next part of the VALORANT VCT regionals season. His previous runs with KRÜ saw regional success but difficulties while on the international stage, as the team failed to win a single match at Masters: Reykjavik.

What does his return to KRÜ mean for the roster?

For the American region, the pickup of Keznit by KRÜ will bring a strong talent back onto a team he was well-known on. Although it does mean he will be put against his former team of Leviatán, there is a lot for fans to be excited about.

The return of Keznit, means that the starting roster will now be as listed:

  • Juan Pablo ‘NagZ’ Lopez
  • Nicolas ‘Klaus’ Ferrari
  • Santiago Galvis ‘Daveeys’ Ruiz
  • Marco ‘Melser’ Amaro
  • Carlos ‘axeddy’ Galvão
  • Angelo ‘keznit’ Mori

Additionally, the return to KRÜ will be ahead of the America’s League matches in Los Angeles. Keznit will travel to Los Angeles to meet with the rest of the team before the season resumes.

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