LOUD lost their opening match at VCT Masters Copenhagen. They will now fight for survival in their next match.

Before coming to VCT Masters Copenhagen, LOUD, the Brazilian super-team had seven match wins. Most of these wins were against local Brazilian teams including the likes of NiP, Los Grandes and FURIA. Going in as the favorites against Kru, LOUD suffered a defeat in their opening match. Esports.gg's Rohan Samal spoke with LOUD's support player, Sacy, on the team's performance and preparation coming into the event.

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Rohan Samal: That was your first match loss in nearly ten matches and your sixth map loss in the entire team you guys have been with LOUD. What do you think went wrong today and what caught you off-guard against KRU?

LOUD Sacy: Honestly, I think we didn't play 100% of LOUD. So yeah, we had a bad start. We need to step up if we need to keep going this tournament. 

Rohan: You guys were considered the favorites coming into this series. But when you look at it, Kru is 5-0 against Brazilian teams. Does the local rivalry of playing against another South American team have a big impact on the outcome of this match?

LOUD Sacy: (Thinks) No.. (pauses) We think Kru is a good team so we give them a lot of respect. They are our scrim partner as well.. We scrimmed them a lot in Brazil. So we know them and they know us and I don't think it matters to be honest. They just played better today.

Rohan: Do you think you've had enough time in Copenhagen to practice against the other teams?

LOUD Sacy: I think it's been five days. Eh... no. Honestly no. We had three days of practice and the third day we had two maps only. But it has been a rush comparing to Iceland. We went to playoffs there straight, now we are playing Group stage. In Iceland we had more time. It's not an excuse because every team is in this situation - the same as Kru. It sucks but it is what it is.

Rohan: What do you think about Fade as an agent. Fade is one of the agents that is not completely figured out yet. What are your thoughts on the agent?

LOUD Sacy: I think Fade is probably going to replace Sova in some time. And she's already doing that. But some maps are just based on the meta so yeah after Sova nerfs, Fade is really powerful. Her skills are just so powerful. I think her Haunt spots better, her ult is more aggressive. I think she has more options than Sova in-game.

The LOUD Team having fun during the VCT Masters Copenhagen photo shoot.  (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
The LOUD Team having fun during the VCT Masters Copenhagen photo shoot.  (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Rohan: On Haven it felt like you were playing really aggressive and taking a lot of map control but then you weren't doing much with it. It seemed like Kru didn't have a lot of pressure on them. Do you agree with that, do you think that playstyle was something that held you back in that match?

LOUD Sacy: Yeah I agree with that. (laughs) You had a good read. I mean we played a little strange because Haven is a good map for us and we didn't play like this on scrims. We just had a bad start today. So we are just going to take this loss to hype ourselves and stay focused because we don't want to leave right now. We want to reach playoffs. 

Rohan: You come from a League of Legends background. You've won CBLOL but you didn't get to go to MSI. Now you are one of the most popular Valorant players globally coming into International tournaments all the time. Going from MOBA to FPS, different genres, what are the biggest takeaways from your LoL career that have helped you in Valorant all the time

LOUD Sacy: I use all the concepts that I learned from League of Legends in Valorant to be honest. Everything that I learned there I use here and I've taught those concepts to my team and they like it. Valorant's very similar to MOBA for me.

Rohan: Your next opponent is going to be the loser of Guild vs OpTiC. What are your thoughts on those two teams?

LOUD Sacy: It's two great teams. I'm excited to watch them play because it's NA vs EU. Who knows whether its going to be OpTiC again or maybe Guild. The only thing I know is that it's not going to be easy.

LOUD will face off against the losers of OpTic and Guild tomorrow at 2100 CEST.