LoudGG keep Brazil’s hopes alive after beating Team Liquid in a narrow 2 – 1 match in the Quarterfinals of VCT Masters Reykjavik

Team Liquid has defeated Loud in their Quarterfinals match at VCT Masters Reykjavik 2 - 1. Team Liquid went on a rampage against Loud in their come-from-behind to win, although the two teams were forced to play in separate rooms after two of the LoudGG players tested positive for Covid-19.

The Brazilian team, who skipped the group stages as a result of receiving a bye into playoffs for finishing in first place in Stage 1 of Brazil Challengers, were keen to get off to prove why they were one of the four seeded teams in this tournament.

Team Liquid on the other hand came out at the top of Group A after beating Xerxia Esports as well as Kru Esports. The EMEA side had already proven that themselves to be on of the teams to beat at this tournament, with everyone on the team coming up with highlight-reel performances.

Loud GG vs Team Liquid Full Match Recap

Loud edges out Team Liquid on Icebox

Things were off to an interesting start in this series as the teams headed to Icebox for Map 1. Although Team Liquid have been fairly consistent across all of their maps, Icebox, statistically speaking, was their weakest map. So to see them pick the map was a surprise.

Nevertheless Team Liquid won the opening two rounds of Icebox in a somewhat comfortable fashion. But after a swift 4k from Gustavo "Sacy" Rossi in round 3, the Brazilian team slowly began to gain control of Icebox, winning five rounds in a row on their offense. With Erick "aspas" Santos coming up with several big kills for his team. And although Liquid were able to grab three more rounds of their own, that wasn't enough to prevent Loud from taking a 7 - 5 lead into halftime.

Team Liquid took the opening two rounds of the second half to tie the map at 7 - 7. But Loud rose to the occasion once more as they won the next four rounds in a row to put themselves an inch away from glory. Liquid attempted to mount a late comeback as the teams traded a couple of rounds. But despite their best efforts, Liquid were unable to prevent the inevitable. Resulting in Loud taking Icebox 13 - 10 to take the lead in the series 1 - 0.

Nivera and ScreaM run rampant on Haven

After a hard fought win for Loud on Icebox, they were now heading into Haven for Map 2. A map which they had a 100% win record on coming into Masters 1. But now they were about to square off against a wounded Team Liquid, who looked primed for a brawl from the get-go. With Liquid opting to run a much more aggressive composition than they have done in the past.

The change in playstyle was evident right out of the gate as Liquid took the opening two rounds. Loud answered back with a round of their own, but after that point it was a massacre from Team Liquid. Liquid went into halftime with a 10 - 2 lead and showing no signs of letting up on their Brazilian opponents. With the brotherly duo of Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom and Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom going on an absolute rampage.

Things didn't get much better for Loud as Liquid played just as aggresively on their defense as they did on their offense. And though Loud managed to win one round of offense, it ultimately made little difference to the proceedings as Team Liquid took Haven 13 - 3 to tie up the series at 1 - 1.

Loud hold off Team Liquid's onslaught on Ascent

Though the series was all tied up, there was a feeling in the air that Liquid might run away with this series. Especially after they handed Loud their first loss on Haven this season. Now the match was heading to over to Ascent, a map which had provided Liquid with a decent amount of success so far in Reykjavik.

Team Liquid got Ascent started by winning the opening two rounds of the first half. But this time it looked like Loud had an answer for the EMEA side as they won the next four rounds in a row to take an early 4 - 2 lead. But as the half started to get a bit scrappy, Liquid began to stamp their authority on the map, as they tied things up at 6 - 6 going into halftime.

Loud managed to win the second pistol round shortly after the switch, with Liquid once again responding with a couple rounds of their own. But Loud rallied together in this crucial moment in the match as they proceeded to win the next four rounds in a row to break into double digits. The momentum had, at long last, switched back over to the Brazilian team's side. Though Liquid managed to tie things up again at 10 - 10, Loud seemed like they were in complete control. And after three more highly engrossing rounds, it was Loud who held on to win Ascent 13 - 10, and ultimately win the match 2 - 1.

With their hard fought victory over Team Liquid, Loud will be moving on to face G2 Esports in the VCT Masters 1 Semi-Finals, which will commence on April 17. Whereas Team Liquid will be dropping down into the lower bracket of the tournament, where they will be playing Zeta Division.

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