The location of the 2024 VALORANT Game Changers Championship has been revealed, along with policy changes for GC players.

VALORANT Game Changers has always been a place to foster competition for women and people of marginalized genders. It has also been a place for those who do compete to hone their skills in hopes of reaching the main VCT circuit.

Well, it is time for Riot Games to expand their efforts towards making it a possibility. This includes new rules for Premier's path to pro, mixed-gender tournaments, and extra slots at the VALORANT Game Changers 2024 Championship tournament.

Riot's vision for VALORANT Game Changers

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

This comes directly from a Riot Games representative:

"Our goal is for the best Game Changers players to find success in other parts of the VCT ecosystem."

- Riley Yurk, Principal Strategist for VALORANT Esports

They mention how gaming removes the physical barrier of traditional sports. Top players such as mimi, meL, daiki, and florescent are inspirational talents that act as ambassadors of not just Game Changers, but VALORANT as a whole.

The integration of these stars into the main VCT circuit is the number one objective. This has seen Riot Games create new policies to make it possible.

New policies to help with upward player mobility

With direct input from VALORANT Game Changers pros, declaring they want to earn the right to compete in the main VCT, Riot will implement the following:

  • Players will no longer be forced to choose between Game Changers or Premier's Path to Pro
  • Game Changers team can join Premier's Invite Division if they meet the ranked eligibility requirements
  • Outside of playoffs, Game Changers teams can earn byes in Premier if it clashes with the schedule of GC competition
  • A GC teams that qualify for the Championship event earn invites directly to their regional Challengers League qualifier
  • Game Changers players do not count as imports and can bypass all transfer windows and signing restrictions
  • Organizations in Challengers and International leagues can field second rosters to compete in Premier or Challengers if 3/5 players are Game Changers eligible
  • Subject to eligibility, GC players can be a two-way player for an IL team or play for both a GC and Challengers team at the same time

VALORANT Game Changers Championship 2024 location and expansion

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Lastly, Riot Games has announced the location of the 2024 VALORANT Game Changers Championship. It heads back to the Riot Games arena in Berlin, where G2 Gozen famously completed a reverse sweep over Shopify Rebellion 2022.

The event takes place from November 8 - 17, with a total of 10 teams, up from the previous eight. With a fourth International league in place, more opportunities have been made for teams across all areas of VALORANT throughout the world.

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