“I feel confident right now with my OP skills, and my team trusts me with the OP”: Team Liquid’s Jamppi after defeating Paper Rex to secure their spot in the Champions 2022 Playoffs

James Bassett

James Bassett

An insane performance from Jamppi proved to be the difference maker for Team Liquid in their win over Paper Rex at Champions 2022.

Team Liquid have beaten Paper Rex to send themselves into the Playoffs at Champions 2022. Their impressive 2 - 1 win has given EMEA a much needed glimmer of hope, whilst also condemning Paper Rex to an early exit from Istanbul.

I think there are a lot of good OP players. I think all of the top ones can hit the shots. But I think it is more about positioning and when to peak and when not to. I am still on the side of when to peak. I feel confident with my OP skills and my team trusts me with the OP.

Team Liquid's Jamppi in a post-match press-conference

Team Liquid gives EMEA hope of success at Champions 2022

There was a lot at stake for both teams coming into this matchup. With EMEA's less than stellar performances at Champions prior to this match, it appeared as though Team Liquid's recent surge in form had come at a welcomed time. Especially after they took care of business in their 2 - 0 win over EDward Gaming in their previous match. Whereas there was a lot of cause for concern regarding Paper Rex's performance at Champions.

Many had been expecting to see Paper Rex make out of Group A and into the playoffs, especially given their second place finish at Masters 2 in Copenhagen. However, after a mixed bag of results it looked as though the APAC squad had hit a roadblock at the worst possible time. As showcased in their defeat to surprise group winners Leviatán.

It was a close-fought match for the most part, and Paper Rex were certainly managing to hold their own against Team Liquid at various times. Despite losing on Haven in double-overtime 15 - 13, the APAC team bounced back in tremendous fashion to take Pearl in a dominant fashion 13 - 4. But unfortunately for them, that result didn't seem to shake up Team Liquid's confidence very much as they headed into Ascent for the third map.

It was on Ascent where the struggles of Paper Rex came to light once more in this tournament. With Team Liquid managing to stifle any sort of aggression that Paper Rex threw at them. Resulting in Team Liquid taking the map 13 - 8 and the series 2 -1. Condemning Paper Rex to a very early exit at Champions 2022, and adding a very disappointing end to what was an otherwise successful season for APAC's number one team.

Jamppi excels for Team Liquid against Paper Rex

It was an incredible match from start to finish with plenty of standout moments. But the player who made the biggest impact across all three maps was undoubtedly Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen. The young duelist put up some insane numbers for Team Liquid throughout the series. Since being moved onto the Chamber role in the EMEA LCQ the man has been making quick work of opponents with his incredible Op-ing skills. Which provided spectators with plenty of mouthwatering highlights throughout the match, including a 4K clutch on Haven.

Even when his team were struggling to gain a foothold on Pearl he still managed to match Paper Rex's aggression blow for blow. In fact he finished with one fewer kill than the top fragger for Paper Rex on that map, f0rsakeN, with 17 kills. He also finished as the top fragger of the match with 65 kills, and a +23 overall K/D. All of which made him more than deserving of the match MVP.