VALORANT queue may see some big changes with quicker responses for going AFK.

VALORANT has announced a new ruling on players who go AFK mid-match. With this adaptation being added is it something other games could learn from? Let's take a look at what it would mean for more bad-faith player protections.

What is VALORANT’s new ruling?

Announced as part of VALORANT’s latest patch update there will be new rules for players who go AFK in game. Patch 6.07 also has changes for those who last-minute dodge out of a match. For those who are frequent dodgers in queue and agent select, players will be restricted and risk losing ranked ratings.

However, for those who frequently go AFK, they will receive a one-day ranked restriction. This will take place faster than it previously has and the restriction is expected to be given out more frequently and faster. Especially for those who routinely go AFK mid-game and are reported by teammates across numerous matches.

What does this mean for players?

Although this ruling is directed towards players who go AFK frequently and routinely. The whole aim of this is to make the game a better experience for all who play. For players who routinely go AFK this will affect their ranking and their account. And generally should make playing a better experience for all.

VALORANT AFK changes - Image via VALORANT
VALORANT AFK changes - Image via VALORANT

It should also act as a deterrent and allow those who want to play the game, to play it to the best of their ability without the restriction of AFK players. As to how this will change player experience is yet to be seen. But hopefully, these changes mean that fewer matches will be wasted and less points lost for players who did nothing wrong.

Is this something other games could introduce?

While this is a new addition to VALORANT by Riot, this is something that many other games could benefit from. As a League of Legends player, I would personally love to see this. Not only to stop last-minute dodges but also to reduce the number of players going AFK halfway through.

League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2 are all similar style games that could introduce this ruling to the benefit of players. Judging from the reception of VALORANT players to the new ruling, while players are happy to see the introduction of a ruling against AFK players. But many have said they would also like the introduction of a fair ruling, in favor of the team whose player went AFK. So that they do not lose as many points and de-rank for an issue they didn’t cause.

This is definitely something that many games could do with, restricting those who go AFK while not penalizing the players on the team. But there is also the question of whether AFK ruling should be applied to those whose system crashes; compared to those who dodge and go AFK through choice.

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