VALORANT players are discussing possible changes to an original map, Bind. Will it be returning to the competitive map pool?

One of the original VALORANT maps, Bind, is allegedly getting some big changes. A very trusted data miner, ValorLeaks, took to Twitter to reveal that one of the original VALORANT maps was going to get a rework. This time around, the rework is possibly coming for Bind.

ValorLeaks added that the rework will be similar to Split, which had some small changes a few months ago and was brought back into the competitive map pool. This left the VALORANT community feeling, well, split.

Some players were excited to hear that Bind might be coming back to the competitive map pool, with some saying that they have missed the map. It was taken out of the pool in January, 2023 due to performance issues, possibly related to lags and FPS drops.

But others were a bit underwhelmed with the news after hearing it's similar to Split, explaining that the changes to Split were very minimal. One player said they hoped it would be more, noting that they "did almost nothing" to the map.

In patch 4.0, Split was given an additional bench near A site's entryway to provide additional elevation options for attackers wanting to peek.

Right now, it's unclear what the changes to Bind will be. A release date has also not been revealed. While it's pretty interesting news, most VALORANT players noted that whatever happens is fine as long as Breeze is kept out of the competitive map pool.

Is Bind a good map in VALORANT?

While some players miss Bind, it's largely considered one of the worst maps in VALORANT. This is all opinion, of course, but many prominent players have noted that Bind is missing the "mid" area that's often used for rotations and lurking.

Instead of a mid area, Bind has teleporters that move players from one site to another. This allows for quick rotations but players still largely feel a mid area is necessary. With only two sides, VALORANT players often feel that one side has the upperhand on the other, making Bind feel a bit unbalanced.