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Valorant patch 6.01 brings Lotus to Competitive and Unrated cover image

Valorant patch 6.01 brings Lotus to Competitive and Unrated


Valorant patch 6.01 is an update that introduces Lotus to other modes while making a few adjustments to the map.

Episode 6 kicked off just a short time ago. The 6.0 patch ushered in the episode's first Act by adding a new map, removing a couple of others, and changing how your RR moves up and down. Now, we've got patch 6.01 ready to deploy in Valorant.
Of course, this patch is much smaller than the one that started the latest chapter of the first-person shooter's story, but it comes with some important adjustments. Lotus' introduction period is complete, we say goodbye to Replication, and more.

Lotus arrives in Competitive and Unrated with Valorant patch 6.01

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
Valorant's latest map, Lotus, hosts three sites and a slew of other gimmicks. When it was added to the game, it was kept from the Competitive and Unrated queues. These are the most commonly played modes in Valorant.
Instead of being available in those queues, it received its own mode. Anyone was able to play the Lotus-specific queue. It was in the Swiftplay mode and was a great way to learn the map while waiting for its full inclusion.
Riot has now removed the Lotus-only queue. You'll find it as one of the maps available during Competitive or Unrated matchmaking. Along with that, its rotating doors receive a small change. They simply lowered the volume as the doors rotate.

No more Replication

Replication is a best-of-nine mode. During the Agent select screen, you pick a single Agent. The game then randomly rolls through each players' chosen Agent, until it finally settles on one. The entire team then plays as that Agent.
Valorant patch 6.01 takes Replication away. The removal of the mode is said to be temporary. Until it returns, if you just need your Replication fix, you can select the mode while setting up a custom game with your friends.

Bug fixes for Lotus

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
Riot Games spent the time since Episode 6's launch ensuring Lotus has a smooth transition to Competitive and Unrated. Fixing some bugs has made that a possibility. Here are the fixes in place with patch 6.01 for the game's newest map:
  • The removal of a boost exploit in the back of B
  • Players should not get stuck in the rotating doors
  • Breach can now send abilities at/through both rotating doors
  • Working vision cones are now available at the destructible door in A Link
  • Players can no longer lose the Spike in the back of A
  • A broken Spike plant position on A now allows players to plant the Spike there
There are other small gameplay bug fixes in Valorant patch 6.01, but the Lotus changes are the most important of the bunch. You can read the official patch notes from Riot Games to get details about every update happening.
Stay tuned to for more Valorant news and coverage.
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