VALORANT’s patch 8.11 may immobilize Raze.

VALORANT developers recently shared a massive update, laying out a roadmap for the game's future and detailing an upcoming set of patch notes for 8.11 that will be hitting servers soon. These notes, while just teased for now, are going to shake up some of the game's most popular Duelists. Raze, Iso, Reyna, and Neon mains, you are going to want to read on.

RIOT have now revealed all upcoming agent changes in patch 8.11:

VALOARNT patch notes 8.11 will nerf Raze's sachel

According to the May 21 developer report, VALORANT's patch notes for the 8.11 update will target Duelists, with a focus on creating a more balanced lineup for the role. This patch will come out in "early June" according to the devs.

The only agent that will be seeing a nerf, at least from what we know now, is Raze. In particular, devs have found her satchel to be a bit too powerful in helping her fly around the map and will be looking to reduce its effectiveness in patch 8.11.

Devs also believe Iso, Neon, and Reyna all have the potential to be more relevant in the current meta with some small buffs. For both Iso and Neon, devs are "focused on strengthening what makes them unique."

Neon mains should be excited about the coming VALORANT patch 8.11 (Image via Riot Games)
Neon mains should be excited about the coming VALORANT patch 8.11 (Image via Riot Games)

Buffs coming for Iso, Neon, and Reyna in next VALORANT patch

According to devs, buffing Iso's shield paradigm and Neon's slide will be focuses of the early-June patch 8.11. Other aspects of their kits are likely to be affected as well, but if you are an Iso or a Neon main, you are likely going to be a fan of patch notes 8.11.

In Reyna's case, devs acknowledged her strength in ranked play and may look to dish out some nerfs to mitigate that but they are also seeking to increase her viability in team-play scenarios. This could come in the form of a minor rework, or strengthening her flashes.

Devs have shared that these will be the last significant patch notes until after VCT Champions, so players will have plenty of time on VALORANT patch notes 8.11. For more on all of the news that broke in this developer update, be sure to check back for more from