VALORANT introduces a Team Deathmatch mode for those who just want to shoot guns, use their abilities, rinse, and repeat.

Riot Games loves to keep things fresh in their first-person shooter. This could be new maps, new Agents, changes to existing assets for balance, or even new modes for casual players. The latter is the latest way they are adding new content, as VALORANT receives a Team Deathmatch mode.

When does Team Deathmatch launch in VALORANT?

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Team Deathmatch launches with VALORANT Episode 7 Act 1. That goes live on June 27, 2023. If you want a countdown, just head into the game and go to the Battlepass section. It will tell you how long the Battlepass has left, which coincides with the end of Episode 6. Episode 7 will kick off shortly after.

The story behind the new mode

The WARM UP cinematic video for Episode 4 included a look at the Radiants' training robot, Maxbot. Raze and Killjoy modified the former cleaning robot to assist with combat training. The duo forced Maxbot to fight the other Radiants over and over.

When training was done, they relegated him back to cleaning duties and he is not happy. Humiliated and resentful, Maxbot has hacked into VALORANT's teleportal and trapped the Agents in the Team Deathmatch arenas. Now, he forces them to fight just as they once did to him.

VALORANT Team Deathmatch rules

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The rules for VALORANT Team Deathmatch are much different than its base unrated and competitive modes. The gameplay is essentially the same, but there are many more opportunities to respawn and no Spike to plant or defuse.

Here are all of the rules for this new mode:

  • Match duration is 9m 30s split into four stages
  • Players respawn after 1.5s
  • First team to 100 kills or the team with the most kills when the timer runs out wins
  • There is no economy and you get to choose your loadout at the start of each stage, or change it at any time in the Spawn Room
  • Fixed location Weapon Spawners around the map for any player to pick up
  • Ultimate Orbs and Recovery Orbs around the map, generating a percentage of your Ultimate and Health/Shield respectively when picked up
  • Abilities recharge over time after use, with each ability having their own recharge timer
  • After dying, spawn in the Spawn Room with a 15 second protection buff, but you'll take damage when the 15 seconds ends if you haven't left the room

Three custom maps exclusive to TDM

Three brand new VALORANT maps are available in the Team Deathmatch mode. These are custom-built and exclusive for the mode. There's no word on if any of them will ever transition to any other modes in the game.

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The three maps are:

  • District: A map with a long sniper alley to one side and a horseshoe shaped building on the other side that can be used to control mid.
  • Piazza: A map with a relatively open mid overlooked by sniper nests, each nest can be flanked by huts on either side.
  • Kasbah:  An arena style map with many connections to the middle of the map, which holds most of the resources.

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