VCT Game Changers 2023 broadcast talent deliver their predictions for the event cover image

VCT Game Changers 2023 broadcast talent deliver their predictions for the event

Broadcast talent for the 2023 VCT Game Changers Championship have issued several predictions for the tournament.

The 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour still has one major event left. That is the Game Changers Championship. Eight teams are converging on São Paulo, Brazil to determine the best in the world. And with that comes an all-star lineup of broadcast talent who have made their predictions for the tournament.

Broadcast talent predictions for VCT Game Changers Championship 2023

(Image via VALORANT Esports)
(Image via VALORANT Esports)

The talent were given a slew of categories to think about. Each one more than likely thought long and hard about their answers, and have chosen who they think will best represent each question asked. Here are the predictions:

Who will win Game Changers Championship?

Everyone is on the same page with this particular Game Changers Championship prediction. Everyone polled firmly believes Shopify Rebellion is running away with the trophy.

  • Doug: Shopify Rebellion
  • Athxna: Shopify Rebellion
  • Vansilli: Shopify Rebellion
  • Potter: Shopify Rebellion
  • Aevilcat: Shopify Rebellion
  • Ender: Shopify Rebellion

Most likely to be eliminated without winning a map

There's some split answers here, but the majority believe that Chao Hui EDward Gaming are the most unproven, assuming they will be eliminated outright without winning a map.

  • Doug: KRÜ BLAZE
  • Athxna: Chao Hui EDward Gaming
  • Vansilli: Chao Hui EDward Gaming
  • Potter: Evil Geniuses
  • Aevilcat: Chao Hui EDward Gaming
  • Ender: Chao Hui EDward Gaming

MVP of Game Changers Championship

The consensus is that florescent is taking the Most Valuable Player. Others chosen include bstrdd and alexis.

  • Doug: florescent
  • Athxna: bstrdd
  • Vansilli: florescent
  • Potter: florescent
  • Aevilcat: florescent
  • Ender: alexis

Will Iso be played in this tournament?

Iso will officially be legally when the Game Changers Championship begins. Will we see him in tournament play? The broadcast talent predictions are right down the middle with this one.

  • Doug: Yes
  • Athxna: Yes
  • Vansilli: Yes
  • Potter: No
  • Aevilcat: No
  • Ender: No

Who's the dark horse of Game Changers Championship?

The final prediction the talent was asked to make asks for a dark horse team for the Game Changers Championship tournament. It could truly be anyone's game when the matches start, but we've got a variety of choices here. The most selected are Team Liquid and Team SMG.

  • Doug: Team Liquid
  • Athxna: Team SMG
  • Vansilli: KRÜ BLAZE
  • Potter: BBL Queens
  • Aevilcat: Team Liquid
  • Ender: Team SMG

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