VALORANT’s new patch notes have caused major server downtime.

VALORANT server maintenance has been going on for several hours on May 14, preventing players from even loading the game. Here's more on when you will be able to get back in and try out the upcoming set of patch notes.

The current status updates on the VALORANT launcher (Image via
The current status updates on the VALORANT launcher (Image via

When will VALORANT servers be online?

Update 10 a.m. PDT: VALORANT servers are back online, including the new Masters Shanghai home screen and updates from patch 8.09.

VALORANT devs have yet to release information about when exactly players can expect to regain access to servers, but it should be sometime around 11 a.m. PDT on May 14. Servers have been down since roughly 5:30 a.m. PDT, meaning that players have not had access to the game for nearly five hours at the time of this article's release.

This comes as a result of regularly scheduled maintenance for May, which will add in lots of new content to the tactical shooter. Here's more on what to expect to come as a result of the May 14 server downtime.

Error code VAL 46 is currently displaying on launch (Image via
Error code VAL 46 is currently displaying on launch (Image via

VALORANT error code VAL 46

The error code VAL 46 is not an issue with the player's computer, but simply an error code signaling a new update is being worked on by developers and servers are down as a result. This error code should be removed once scheduled maintenance is complete and servers are back online!

May 14 VALORANT update

As of right now, the only contents of the May 14 update for patch 8.09 are small buffs to Brimstone and a small set of bug fixes, according to VALORANT developers. However, there have already been several leaks about some other big additions coming, which could explain the extended downtime.

Chief among these is a new Holomoku skin bundle that has been leaked, which will feature a new Outlaw skin, among others, and a new player card. However, it also looks like we may be getting a new home screen to commemorate VCT Masters Shanghai, which begins in just over a week from today.

We will continue to provide updates for everything that ends up being included in this update, as well as when players can expect to have access to VALORANT servers again. Stay tuned here at for more updates!