Fyr’alath the Dreamrender axe, quest revealed after RWF Mythic Fyrakk kill cover image

Fyr’alath the Dreamrender axe, quest revealed after RWF Mythic Fyrakk kill

Mythic Fyrakk is dead and now Fyralath the Dreamrender–the new Legendary axe–and its quest appear. Can you craft this new, hot weapon?

With the death of Mythic Fyrakk in the Race to World First earlier today, we now get the big reveal. Triggering in-game upon the first Mythic kill of Amirdrassil's final boss, we now know what--and how--to get Fyr'alath The Dreamrender axe, as well as its questline. A warning for Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights: You're gonna drool all over yourself.

Let's look at the raw stats and how to start the Fyr'alath the Dreamrender quest--as well as the long, long crafting process involved.

What is Fyr'alath the Dreamrender?

Embued with the power of Shadowflame--the primordial power of both dragon energy and the shadowy Void-- is Fyralath the Dreamrender, axe of Primalist baddie Fyrakk. And now that the big guy's been dropped in Mythic difficulty we now know what the axe itself does.

Fyr'alath the Dreamrender

Item Level 496
Binds when picked up
Two-Hand Axe
1,764 - 3,665 Damage Speed 3.60
(753.9 damage per second)

+1,002 Strength
+4,317 Stamina
+394 Critical Strike
+667 Haste

Use: Unleash the Rage of Fyr'alath to charge towards your target and swing repeatedly, dealing 483,904 Shadowflame damage over 3 sec to all who would stand in your way. (2 Min Cooldown)
Equip: Your attacks apply Mark of Fyr'alath, dealing 27,054 Shadowflame damage over 15 sec. Upon activation, Fyr'alath draws in the flames from all marks to increase its damage by 10%.

That's a lot of Shadowflame. And in case you're wondering how to kick this party off right for us normal people, here's how to start the Fyralath the Dreamrender quest and get your mitts on all that flame. Whatcha gonna do with all that flame? Imma get, get, get, get you maimed.

Sorry. That will be the only Fergie reference in this piece.

Starting the Fyr'alath the Dreamrender quest

Your quest to craft this Legendary axe starts with a drop from the boss itself. An item called Fyr'alath the Dreamrender appears, but if you try to equip it the thing tries to kill you with Shadowflame on the spot. This kicks off the quest The Shadowflame Axe, where you'll head to the Azerothian Archives in Thaldraszsus, north of Alge'thar Academy.

The moment you attempted to wield Fyrakk's axe, Fyr'alath, its flames consumed you. Clearly the weapon's shadowflame was too intense. Perhaps you should consult an expert on shadowflame and ancient artifacts. Maybe one of the scholars at the Azerothian Archives can deduce a method for handling it safely.

The Shadowflame Axe

From here you'll get a good, old-fashioned crafting quest called Handling It. That involves creating:

And what materials does that involve?

  • Completing a quest during a Super Bloom with a friend that nets you Prototype Dreamleaf Grip.
  • Doing a quest out in Nelthazan Ruins in the Ohn'ahran Plains, which involves collecting gear in the Emerald Dream and spending a total of 6,000 Dragon isles Supplies.
  • Collecting Tethercoil out in Azure Archives in the Azure Span, by killing rare mobs in the area and collecting Radiant Flecks of Ash.

We'll update this as the current holder progresses through the questline and crafts the pieces. We do, however, know the raw materials needed in total.

Crafting materials needed for Fyr'alath

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