Who are the four most important skins in Fortnite history?

What would Fortnite be without its iconic skins? Over the last seven years, players have spent millions of V-Bucks to fill their lockers with a vast selection of playable Outfits that offer no competitive advantage. From humanoid bananas to jacked humanoid cats, these characters have transcended the game's undeniable popularity. However, some have earned a legendary status that even non-Fortnite players would recognize. Today, we are building the Mount Rushmore of Fortnite skins to determine the most important to the game's history.

What is Mount Rushmore?

Before we begin, it's essential to explain Mount Rushmore to help you better understand the purpose of this article. Mount Rushmore is a national memorial located in South Dakota, United States of America. It features massive sculptures of the heads of four former American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. These former leaders represent the nation's birth, growth, development, and preservation.

However, in popular culture, many use Mount Rushmore as a bar to measure a subject's four most influential figures. For example, some may argue that the Mount Rushmore of video game consoles includes the Super Nintendo, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo 64. With all that covered, we will select the four most important Fortnite skins and put them on Mount Rushmore.

Position #1 - Jonesy The First

We have no choice but to pick Jonesy The First to lead off the Mount Rushmore of Fortnite skins in the George Washington position. When Fortnite Battle Royale took the world by storm in 2018, players had few skins to choose from before the Item Shop arrived. One of the default skins was Jonesy The First, who has become the de facto face of Fortnite. Jonesy is an essential figure in the lore and has seen countless iterations over the last seven years.

Like George Washington, Jonesy poetically represents Fortnite's birth. Anyone who comes across Jonesy The First in-game instantly returns to the game's humble beginnings before countless collaborations and sweaty builders. For that reason, Jonesy has earned the rightful position at the head of Mount Rushmore.

Position #2 - Peely

Right beside Jonesy on the Fortnite Mount Rushmore in Thomas Jefferson's position is Peely, the loveable humanoid banana. Like Jonesy, Peely is originally a Chapter 1 skin, appearing first in the Season 8 Battle Pass. At this time in the game's history, Fortnite is heading toward its $30M World Cup, and engagement is consistent. Although he's become somewhat of a meme, Peely is prominently featured in Fortnite's merchandise, promotional material, and more.

Epic Games even recently paid homage to Peely in the Item Shop to celebrate National Banana Day. In a sense, like Thomas Jefferson, Peely represents Fortnite's growth. Peely's presence on makeup, controllers, action figures, and T-shirts shows that Fortnite has made it.

Position #3 - Aura

This might be controversial, but Aura lands in the Theodore Roosevelt position on Fortnite's Mount Rushmore. Based on Fortnite.GG's metrics show that Aura is the most popular Fortnite skin ever. Players have used this skin 11.5 million times since its release. First debuting in Chapter 1 Season 8, advanced builders, also known as "sweats," instantly flocked to this skin for its small hitbox, allowing you to crank 90s without sustaining much damage.

Like Theodore Roosevelt, Aura represents the development of Fortnite. Once upon a time, players barely utilized the building mechanic that set the game apart from every other Battle Royale title. However, as the game developed, so did the players who identified that you could build the Eiffel Tower to eliminate your opponent. Aura was at the forefront of that moment and has remained in a similar spot ever since.

Position #4 - Midas

The final Fortnite Mount Rushmore position was challenging to decide, but excluding Midas from this collection of the Fortnite elite would not be fair. Although the golden child didn't appear until Chapter 2 Season 2, Midas marked the beginning of a new era. The OG Chapter 1 map was in the rearview, and Midas led the charge into the new generation. His presence on the Island was short-lived, and Epic Games sent him directly into a Loot Shark's mouth. However, his impact is still felt, and he even returned in Chapter 5 Season 2.

Symbolically, like Abraham Lincoln, Midas represents the preservation of Fortnite. Although the game has advanced over the years, adding LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and countless collaboration skins, Midas has preserved the sanctity of classic Fortnite. He's no longer at the forefront, but players love Midas, clamor for his return, and occasionally get newer versions of him.

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